UPDATED: About The Chocolate Wire

UPDATED: About The Chocolate Wire

The Chocolate Wire is a hyper-focused press/pr aggregation and pitch service for the specialty/craft cocoa and chocolate industry. The Chocolate Wire’s mission is to promote the efforts of this diverse group of producers and makers around the world.

TheChocolateWire started up during the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown as a way to help promote companies struggling to pay for PR and press services caused by the loss of business due to the lockdown – at exactly the time when PR and press becomes more necessary than ever to attract new customers.

Updated on May 17th, 2023

For the Media

Looking for a Source?

If you are a member of the media looking for a source for a story, send an email to thechocolatewire@thechocolatelife.com with “Looking for Sources” in the subject line, plus a summary of what you are looking for and your deadline in the body of the email. I will do my best to point you to and appropriate source or sources.

This service is provided to the media free of charge.

Want to get Notifications?

If you are a member of the media and would like to be on The Chocolate Wire’s direct release list and receive notifications of new releases when they are published, send an email to thechocolatewire@thechocolatelife.com with “Notify Me” in the subject line. For anti-spam purposes, please make sure to include contact and organization in the signature or, if not in the signature, in the body of the email.

This service is provided to the media free of charge.

For Chocolate Professionals

There are three standard service level options, Intro, Pro, and Bespoke.

Intro Service Level

The Intro service level is for everyone who:

  • Wants to improve their website copy, sales and marketing, and press/PR materials.
  • Sees the value of having third-party editorial review but a) doesn’t have the resources to engage a traditional agency; and/or b) doesn’t have the time to train a writer/editor/fact checker to be a subject matter expert in cocoa and/or chocolate.
  • Does not need extensive original writing or research. The need is to have their written materials reviewed – by a professional writer with significant subject matter expertise.

With that in mind, the services provided at the Intro service level are proofreading, line editing, copyediting and fact-checking text on a company’s website; scripts for videos and audio podcasts; sales, marketing, and promotional materials; and press releases. The Intro level covers a mix of these services for up to ~3,500 words per month.

Pricing for the Intro service level :: A three-month minimum commitment is just $299, paid in advance, thereafter $100/month. Or pay just $950 per year, paid in advance.

Pro Service Level

The Pro service level is for everyone who:

  • Sees the value of traditional press/PR distribution, doesn’t have the resources to hire a traditional full-service PR agency, and wants to have a professional, proactive, program.
  • Needs original writing and research from a professional writer with significant subject matter expertise in cocoa and chocolate.
  • Wants to publish releases regularly via traditional PR release channels but is not looking for day to day management of their social media channels.

The services provided in the Pro service level include all of the services in the Intro level + research and original writing up to 6,000 total words per month including up to ~2,000 words of original content development.

Pricing for the Pro service level :: $350 per month with a three-month minimum commitment ($1050 paid in advance), thereafter $350/mo. or $3600 per year, paid in advance. Pricing is on a per-brand basis for companies with multiple brands.

Press release distribution costs are not included in the above – they are billed at cost based on which distribution service(s) are used. Promotion of press releases on the social media channels of TheChocolateLife and TheChocolateWire (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) is included in the Pro level service.


If your content development needs do not easily fit into one of the two standardized quarterly programs above (for example, you are only interested in original writing and the total word count is estimated to be greater than the Pro level covers, and/or you need the content on a faster release timetable), then a customized Bespoke program can be created. The starting price for Bespoke programs is based on an annual Team TCL Guru membership + a minimum of one, ten-hour block of consulting hours.

Original Content Collaboration

The Pro and Bespoke service levels can be combined with a customized content collaboration program that includes original video content published via TheChocolateWire channel on YouTube.

TheChocolateLife Collaborations
Do you have a business you want to promote on TheChocolateLife? Or just want to help grow the community in some unique way? Become a Partner!


Streaming Live Twice Weekly on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Visit TheChocolateWire Channel on YouTube

TheChocolateWire features a mix of original content – video interviews and travel vlogs – as well as playlists of videos created by other YouTubers.

TheChocolateLiveLIVE, a twice-weekly livestream series, is one of the feature productions of TheChocolateWire channel.

Pro and Bespoke ChocolateWire subscribers can also choose to have their brands featured in original ChocolateWire channel videos on YouTube. Pro ChocolateWire subscribers can also sponsor videos with cross-promotion through TheChocolateLife social media channels.

#TheChocolateLifeLIVE Calendar and Archive
News, views, and conversations on topics in cocoa and chocolate streamed live to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


To inquire about the Intro or Pro service level or about a custom Bespoke or Bespoke+Partnership program, email us.

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