TheChocolateLife :: LIVE Calendar

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE Calendar

News, views, and conversations on topics in cocoa and chocolate streamed live to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Scheduled Live Streams

“The Busiest Intersection in the World” – Shibuya, Tokyo

Tuesday, Nov 29th – Episode 70
Topic: Downscaling Chocolate Production
Friday, Dec 2nd – Episode 71
Topic: Author Talk – One Cacao Tree: backyard cocoa, tiny fermentations, and chocolate making in the tropics.
Guest: Raven Hanna, aka Molecular Muse
Tuesday, Dec 6th – Episode 72
Guest: Spencer Hyman, Cocoa Runners UK

In The Works

Guests: Zoi Papalexandratou / Carolina Aguilar
Topic: MOCCA Flavor Mapping Project
Postponed – LIVE REMOTE
Topic: Coffee cupping and chocolate tasting with Jeff Abella, Moka Origins, live remote from their factory in the Poconos.
Future Guests and Topics

Have an idea for a future topic? Let us know in the comments.

Live Stream Archive

“Finca La Joya” – Tabasco, Mexico

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November, 2022

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – The Past, Present, and Future of Cacao?
Episode 69 streams live from 12:00~13:00 EST Friday, Nov 25th.
Episode 69; November 25th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – AMA Innovation News
Episode 68 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams on Tuesday, November 22nd from 12:00~13:00 EST.
Episode 68; November 22nd
Updated: TheChocolateLife::LIVE – 2nd Generation Chocolate
Episode 67 streams live from 12:00 EST Friday November 18th.
Episode 67; November 18th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Where the Wild Chocolate Grows w/ Rowan Jacobsen
Episode 66 streams live on Tuesday, November 15th from ChocolateLife World HQ in Brooklyn, NY, NY beginning at 12:00 EST.
Episode 66; November 15th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Meet the Director: Denise Speck
Episode 65 streams live from ChocolateLife World HQ in Brooklyn, NY beginning at 12:00 EST Friday, Nov 11.
Episode 65; November 11th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Leslie Agyare / Three Mountains Cocoa
Episode 64 streams live from ChocolateLife World HQ in Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EST on Tuesday, November 8th.
Episode 64; November 8th
On The Road Again, Again
Episode 63 streams live from ChocolateLife World HQ (in Brooklyn, NYC) starting at 12:00 EDT Friday, November 4th.
Episode 63; November 4th

October, 2022

I was traveling internationally 22 days in October.

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – On The Road Again
Episode 62 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE streams on Tuesday October 4th beginning at 12:10 EDT.
Episode 62; October 4th

September, 2022

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – CADMIUM 2.0
Episode 61 streams live from 12:00 EDT Friday, Sept 30 w/ special guest and ChocolateLife contributor Keith Ayoob. Join us as we explore the topic of cadmium in chocolate in depth – with a close look at an influential source of (mis)information on this topic.
Episode 61: September 30th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Top Q&A About Chocolate on Social Media
Episode 60 streams live from 12:00 EDT on Friday, September 16th. This is a “live remote” from Prescott, Arizona, where I am taking a much-needed break.
Episode 60: September 16th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Is Modern Slavery Really REAL Slavery?
Episode 59 streams live starting at 12:00 on Tuesday, Sep 13. Please help me spread awareness of this topic by using the hashtag #DontBuyTheLie.
Episode 59: September 13th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Roasting Deep Dive
Episode 58 starts streaming live Friday, September 9th at 12:00 EDT. In this episode we take a look at approaches/techniques and equipment used for roasting cocoa. Questions are encouraged and appreciated!
Ep 58: September 9th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Breaking Pairing Boundaries
Episode 57 streams live beginning at noon NYC time on Tuesday, September 6th. This stream builds on the Learning to Taste live stream – so you may want to watch that one first if you have not already.
Episode 57: September 6th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Does Ben+Jerry+Tony = Greenwashing?
OR: The Good, The Bad, & The Greenwashing! Episode 56 streams live on Friday, Sep 2nd from 12:00 EDT and is a continuation of the discussions about what chocolate is ...
Episode 56: September 2nd

August, 2022

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – What IS Craft Chocolate?
Episode 55 of TheChocolateLife LIVE streams on Tuesday, August 30 from 12:00 EDT. Having done a deep dive into what chocolate legally is (and isn’t) here in the US recently, it’s way past time to take a stab at what Craft Chocolate is (and isn’t).
Episode 55: August 30th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – What is Chocolate?
Episode 54 streams live on Friday, August 26th from 12:00 EDT and is a deep dive discussion of the standards of identity for chocolate in the US Code of Federal Regulations – plus other applicable regulations chocolate makers should know about.
Ep 54: August 26th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – How I Learned To Taste ... Anything & Everything
OR: How I approached training my palate on my journey to becoming a professional chocolate critic. Streaming worldwide on Tuesday, August 23rd, from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 53: August 23rd
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Chocolate Claims DEBUNKED
Misinformation travels six times faster than the truth, and for some reason, bad information is sticky – resistant to being accepted as wrong. In this live stream I give debunking some erroneous claims about chocolate a go.
Episode 52: August 19th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Dallas Chocolate 2022 Festival Preview
Live stream with my special guest, festival founder/organizer Sander Wolf, begins at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, August 16th.
Episode 51: August 16th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Brazilian Chocolate Tasting
Streaming worldwide from NYC starting at 12:00 EDT on Friday August 12th.
Episode 50: August 12th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – The International Markets for Specialty Cocoa
A look at the international markets for cocoa and where specialty cocoa fits.
Episode 49: August 9th

July, 2022

I was traveling internationally much of the month – twice to Brazil and also to Colombia. There are quite a few posts from those adventures, but no live streams this month.

June, 2022

TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Innovation Part 2: 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show Roundup
Episode 48 streams live Tuesday, June 14th from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 48: June 14th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Innovation, Trends, Awards
Episode 47 streams live on Friday, July 3rd from 12:00 EDT. This is part one in a two-part series surrounding my return to the Fancy Food Show for the first time since June/July 2019.
Episode 47: June 10th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – María Jiménez Rojas / Daarnhouwer
“A month in the life of a specialty cocoa specialist” streams worldwide live from ChocolateLife HQ in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, June 3rd starting at 10:00 EDT / 16::00 CET.
Episode 46: June 3rd


UPDATED: TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Chocoa 2022 Preview (Unofficial)
Episode 45 streams live from Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, May 31st.
Episode 45: May 31st
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Solar Drying Cocoa w/ GrainPro’s Diego Lara
Streaming WorldWide LIVE from Brooklyn NY on Friday, May 27th beginning at 12:00 EDT.
Episode 44: May 27th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Can Chocolate be Raw? Paleo? + a Fad(?) & AMA
As with most things cocoa and chocolate, answers to questions about chocolate being raw or paleo are prefaced by, “It depends on what you mean by raw / paleo.”
Episode 43: May 24th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Connecting Ethics, Sustainability, & Transparency to Impact
Episode 42 (as everyone knows, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything) streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY on Friday, May 20th from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 42: May 20th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Bryan Graham / Fruition Chocolate Works
Episode 41 streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, May 17th.
Episode 41: May 17th
UPDATED – TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Constructing Transparent Transparency Reports
Episode 39 streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY starting at 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, May 10th.
Episode 40: May 10th
UPDATED: TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Deconstructing “Transparency” Reports
Episode 39 streams LIVE worldwide from Brooklyn, NY from 12:00 EDT on Friday, May 6th.
Episode 39: May 6th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Samir Giha, Cacaosuyo, Perú
Episode 38 starts streaming to you live from Brooklyn NY & Lima, Perú at 12:00 EDT / 11:00 PET Tuesday, May 3rd.
Episode 38: May 3rd


TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Philippe Juglar / AVPA
Episode 37 streams live worldwide from NYC/Paris from 12:00 EDT Friday, April 29th.
Episode 37: April 29th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE From the Front w/ Miki Mistrati
Episode 36 streams LIVE from 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST on Tuesday April 26th.
Episode 36: April 26th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Carlos Eichenberger, Danta Chocolate, Guatemala
Episode 35 starts streaming live at 12:00 EDT on Friday, April 22nd.
Episode 35: April 22nd
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Heinde & Verre
Note the earlier start time! Episode 34 streams live from 10:00 EDT (16:00 CET) on Tuesday, April 19th.
Episode 34: April 19th
TheChocolateLife LIVE - Deep Dive into Cut Tests
Episode 33 streams live starting at 12:00 EDT on Friday, April 15th.
Episode 33: April 15th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – with Chantal Coady
Episode 32 streams live starting at 11:00 am EDT – that’s 16:00 British Summer time – on Tuesday, April 12th.
Episode 32: April 12th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Deep Dive into Continuous Tempering
Episode 31 streams live on Friday, April 8th from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 31: April 8th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Judging Quality
Episode 30 streams live from 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, April 5th.
Episode 30: April 5th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – The Penn State Chocolate Short Course
Episode 29 streams live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn on Friday, April 1st starting at 12:00 noon EDT.
Episode 29: April 1st


TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Yes, Virgil, There IS Such a Thing as Bad Chocolate
Episode 28 streams live worldwide on Tuesday, March 29th from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 28: March 29th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Melangers Deep Dive
Episode 27 streaming LIVE worldwide on Friday, March 25th from 12:00 EDT.
Episode 27: March 25th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Jeff Abella / Moka Origins
Episode 26 streams worldwide LIVE from 12:00 EDT, Tuesday, March 22ndWi.
Episode 26: March 22nd
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Mass Balance & Other Cautionary Tales
Episode 25 streaming worldwide LIVE from 12:00 EDT, Friday, March 18th.
Episode 25: March 18th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Mackenzie Rivers / Map Chocolate & The Next Batch School
Episode 24 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 15th from 12:00 EDT – Daylight time here in the US.
Episode 24: March 15th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Words. Beliefs. Actions. Consequences.
Episode 23 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 11th from 12:00 EST.
Episode 23: March 11th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Nick Davis, One One Cacao, Jamaica
Episode 22 streaming worldwide live on Tuesday March 8th from 12:00 EST.
Episode 22: March 8th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Chocolate Styles, Ancient & Modern
Episode 21: Streaming live from 12:00pm EST Friday March 4th
Episode 21: March 4th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Max Gandy / Dame Cacao
Episode 20: Streaming live Tue Mar 1 from 12:00 EST.
Episode 20: March 1st


TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Printing & Packaging 101
Episode 19: Streaming live from 12:00pm EST Friday February 25th
Episode 19: February 25th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Damion Badalamenti
Streaming live from 12:00pm EST Friday February 22nd
Episode 18: February 22nd
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – the blacklist
Streaming live from 12:00pm EST Friday February 18th
Episode 17: February 18th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – w/ Shawn Askinosie
Streaming LIVE on Tue Feb 15 from 12pm EST
Episode 16: February 15th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Learning to Taste (Chocolate)
Streaming LIVE on Fri Feb 11 from 12:00 EST.
Episode 15: February 11th
TheChocolateLife::LIVE – Wolter Chocolates, Tabasco, MX
Tue Feb 8 starting at 12:00 EST
Episode 14: February 8th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Co-Packing 101
Friday, February 4th, 12:00 EST
Episode 13: February 4th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Derek Pedersen & John Malik
The first in the new Tuesday series that focuses on individuals in cocoa and chocolate.
Episode 12: February 1st

January, 2022

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Global & DR Cocoa Studies Part 2
Friday, January 28th starting at 10:00 EST / 16:00 CET.
Episode 11, January 28th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Terry Collingsworth, International Rights Advocates
Friday, January 21st, 12:00 EST.
Episode 10: January 21st
TheChocolateLife :: Live – 2021 Global Cocoa Study Preview
Friday, January 14th beginning at 12:00 EST.
Episode 9: January 14th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – Learning to Teach Chocolate Making
Streaming LIVE Friday, January 7th from 12 noon EST.
Episode 8: January 7th

December, 2021

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE – ESG & Sustainability Reporting
Friday, December 31st starting at 12 noon EST.
Episode 7: December 31st
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE 2021 Year in Review
Friday, December 24th starting at 12 noon EST.
Episode 6: December 24th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Carolina Pozo, MUZE Chocolate
Streaming Live on Friday December 17th starting at 12 noon EST.
Episode 5: December 17th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Lars Saquero Møller, Agroclimatica
Streaming Live on Friday December 10th starting at 10am EST.
Episode 4: December 10th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Heather Terry, GoodSam Foods
The next stream in the regularly-scheduled series of interviews LIVE streamed to YouTube (on The Chocolate Wire channel) and Facebook (The Chocolate Life page and the Salones Internacionales de Cacao y Chocolate group).
Episode 3: December 3rd

November, 2021

TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Christopher Curtin
The next stream in the regularly-scheduled series of interviews LIVE streamed to YouTube (on The Chocolate Wire channel) and Facebook (The Chocolate Life page and the Salones Internacionales de Cacao y Chocolate group).
Episode 2: Nov 26th
TheChocolateLife :: LIVE w/ Arcelia Gallardo
Participate LIVE Friday, November 19th at 12 noon EST.
Episode 1: Nov 19th

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