Break ranks! 

The military order that has been chosen as the slogan of the sixteenth edition of Eurochocolate Perugia is a clear invitation to think outside the box, to give free rein to one’s individuality, to go beyond the usual habits to be able to enjoy the food of the gods in a new way and in all its complexity.

The boundaries within which chocolate has long been confined have gradually been crossed, and an innumerably faceted world has been opened to its numerous fans. In recent years, a true chocolate culture has developed, in which the consumer is becoming increasingly attentive and prepared.In 2009, Eurochocolate wants to promote creativity, so everyone can love chocolate as he or she pleases. Dark or milk, bar or nugget, in whatever form it is, it doesn’t matter: there’s room for all. The tools of this sweet, peaceful revolution, which up to now have had very little to do with chocolate and, precisely for this reason, have been chosen as the images symbolizing the new communication campaign of Eurochocolate 2009 are a hammer, which symbolizes the break, and a ruler already rechristened golosimetro (sweet tooth gauge).

Chosen to interpret the two objects in the Eurochocolate spirit and turn them into original gadgets are two big names of Italian design, Matteo Ragni, a food designer who has been working with Eurochocolate for years in the creation of ever-curious chocolate products of great impact, and Paolo Ulian, who comes from the new generation of Italian designers, whose objects are always characterized by a disarming but engaging simplicity. Of course, both the hammer and the Golosimetro will be made of chocolate and intended to be broken … with the teeth.

Another important novelty with which the Perugian event immediately presents itself to its public is the fact that this year it will be one day longer. Instead of starting on Saturday, in 2009 it will open on Friday. To be precise, on Friday, 16th October, through Sunday the 25th. This decision was reached in order to give chocoholics an extra chance to come to the Umbrian capital city to enjoy the fun and sweetness of the event, as well as the city itself.

The decision to increase the length of Eurochocolate from nine to ten days, explains President Eugenio Guarducci, arose after last years success, when one million persons came to Perugia to take part in the event. And in 2009 the goal is to repeat the excellent results of 2008. Our public, explains the President, knows that at Eurochocolate it is possible to find not only the new chocolate products offered by the market or the handmade, foreign, and particular ones that can only be found at specialty retailers, but also cheerfulness, originality, and culture, thanks to the numerous and varied appointments that we are featuring, with the collaboration of the major names of Italian and international confectionery sector.

Activities, meetings, exhibits, and teaching workshops for adults and children will be back to engage chocoholics, from 16th through 25th October in Perugia, with a selection of appointments that is truly for all tastes.In short, if you break ranks, chocolate will no longer be the same! This year, also, Eurochocolate will be preceded by Chocoday, the day that celebrates pure chocolate throughout the whole country and which, as has been the case for five years now, will be held on 12th October, the day celebrating the “discovery” of America.

These are some of the most significant figures characterizing the last edition of Eurochocolate Perugia:

  • 1 million visitors in nine days;over 6,000 references within the framework of the Chocolate Show, the biggest chocolate bazaar;
  • 200 companies from the confectionery and other sectors;
  • 5,600 participants in the guided tastings and educational events for children and youngsters;
  • 190 tons of chocolate offered for free tastings to the public;
  • 22,000 ChocoCards, which entitled their holders to discounts and gifts;
  • 1,000 articles in the national and foreign press;
  • 1 hour of reporting on national and foreign TV;
  • 200 radio reports.

Source: Eurochocolate Press Office

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