Chocolate is NOT Coffee: Can it/Will it Ever Be? | #PodSaveChocolate

Chocolate is NOT Coffee: Can it/Will it Ever Be? | #PodSaveChocolate

Episode 23 of #PodSaveChocolate – One of the many differences between chocolate and coffee is coffee’s extensive embrace of hobbyists. What can chocolate learn from coffee in this respect?

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This episode airs live from 09h00 PST / 10h00 MST / 12h00 EST / 17h00 GMT on Friday, March 1st, 2024.
Chocolate is NOT Coffee: Can/Will it Ever Be? | #PodSaveChocolate
Episode 23 OverviewFor some reason, I woke waaaaay before sunrise this morning (Thursday, Feb 29). As is my habit I took a look at what had hit my inbox over…

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Episode 23 Overview

For some reason, I woke waaaaay before sunrise this morning (Thursday, Feb 29). As is my habit I took a look at what had hit my inbox overnight, took a look at my calendar for the day’s commitments, and then peeked at my YouTube feed for the overnight political news. In my feed this morning was an older video from James Hoffman covering a very expensive (over$1500) manual coffee grinder. Having a few minutes to spare, I clicked on the coffee grinder review, forgoing the politics until after I made my first cup of coffee.

At several points during the video, Hoffman asked the question, “But who is this grinder for?”

Not for me – most of what Hoffman posts about equipment covers tools I will never purchase. But he does have a habit of making astute observations that get into my subconscious and then pop out, hours, days, or even weeks later, transformed to relate to a topic in chocolate.

And that is what happened this morning. I realized, again but in a new way, why chocolate and coffee are not the same, and what some of the hurdles that need to be overcome are.

In this episode of #PodSaveChocolate I am going to talk about this insight, why it is important, and what it might mean for the future of specialty chocolate. But it all comes down to a) the finished product, and, in a word that specialty coffee fans everywhere will all recognize b) workflow.

What does it take to go from beans to the finished product? Time and steps? Skills required? Options for different finished products and ways to get there? What does it cost? All that and more in this episode of PodSaveChocolate.


James Hoffmann
Hi! My name is James, and I make videos about anything and everything to do with coffee, occasionally food and sometimes business/entrepreneurship. I create how-tos, guides, reviews, vlogs, video essays and mini-documentary films. In the real world, I’ve started a few companies, I wrote “The World Atlas of Coffee” and “How To Make The Best Coffee At Home”. I do a little advisory work for startups too. If you want to get in touch, drop me a line but please read these two things first: 1. I don’t do paid reviews. I have a Patreon that helps me buy the products I want to review to prevent bias (then I give them away!) 2. I get a lot of email, so sadly I can’t help with queries about which equipment you should buy. TO GET IN TOUCH PLEASE REACH OUT VIA WEBSITE: Management: Ziggurat XYZ

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Morgan Eckroth
- 2022 US Barista Champion - I’m Morgan and I like coffee. A lot. Let’s explore drinks, machines, cafes, and have some coffee shenanigans together. You can also find me on TikTok and Instagram if you’re so inclined. All business inquiries and questions should be directed to Let’s enjoy all things coffee ☕
Lance Hedrick
What’s up, everyone! Lance Hedrick here. Coffee Pro of a decade, coach two 2x World Barista Champion runner-ups, past Latte Art Champion, academic in remission, and extremely neurodivergent weirdo. Check out my second channel, Lance Hedrick Unfiltered, where I upload lives I do for my Patreon community and some alternative, less polished and unedited, content. And, I am a weirdo. I have a patreon listed below. I hope to purchase all products shown on this channel and subsequently giving them away to supporters. Cheers!

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French Press Coffee
OUR MISSION: To deliver exceptional French Press Coffee experience with the personal touch, highest-quality tools, friendliest staff and best value. For business inquiries please contact us at media [at] or call us (505) 750-1144.
Since 2006, CocoaTown has been the pioneer in (cocoa) Bean to (chocolate) Bar industry. CocoaTown designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented machines-complete line for 5 steps of processing (Roasters, Crackers, Winnowers, Pregrinders, Melangers /Grinders) in 4 sizes. We have tools for the bean to bar process and for farmers – eg. CocoaT Bean cutters to evaluate cocoa bean quality. We create & empower Chocopreneurs through Education, Equipment & Evaluation tools. We have helped Chocopreneurs & cocoafarmers in more than 100 countries. Cocoa farmers earn more (2 -10 times) by using our machines to make chocolates than by selling beans at commodity prices. In 2020, we have offered free webinars that have benefited participants from 45 countries around the world. We welcome you to our channel where you will find resources for fermentation to processing bean to bar chocolate to making nut butters & more. Please subscribe to our channel and share the information with your contacts.

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CocoTerra has developed the world’s first tabletop chocolate maker. Starting with cocoa nibs, the CocoTerra chocolate maker makes solid dark, milk and white chocolate in about two hours, in one unified machine. We are excited to bring the magic of making chocolate to experienced and new chocolate makers alike!

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From the people at Manoa Chocolate, the mission of Craft Chocolate TV is to educate fellow cacao farmers, chocolate makers, chocolate lovers, and the general public on the art and process of bean to bar chocolate making. After over a decade of trial and error we want to bring to light all the various steps and complexities that go into making the most delicious chocolate possible. Enjoy!
How To Make Chocolate At Home
Videos describing the use and maintenance of equipment designed and sold by Chocolate Alchemy for making artisan chocolate at home or in small chocolate-making businesses.

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The Tuesday, March 5th episode of PodSaveChocolate will feature Dean Strober of Blue River Productions, the organizer of the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Festival.

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