Ended - 21 - 25 February 2018: Chocoa in Amsterdam

Ended  - 21 - 25 February 2018: Chocoa in Amsterdam

In the historic building *Beurs van Berlage*, the 6th edition of Chocoa will take place.

Amsterdam has the world’s largest port for the storage of cocoa. For this reason alone it is an very…

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I am happy to be able to report that I will be a session host for the Chocolate Maker’s Forum (CMF), which will be taking place on the Thursday and Friday of Chocoa.

Based on feedback from the last two CMFs, the format for the 2018 edition has been changed to be much more responsive to participants’ needs for information. Imagine the UNconference at the NWCF, but instead of facilitators, the moderators will be subject matter expert and rather than being a series of lectures, the moderators will be setting the framework for approaching the topics of the sessions and then guiding the discussion based on questions from the participants.

There will be four sessions – 1) Sourcing 2) Quality 3) Manufacturing 4) Business. Following each session will be a guided tour of the Trade Fair with the visits on the tour selected based on the topic of the session preceding the tour. Ample time will also be given for CMF participants to explore the Trade Fair to follow up with vendors of specific interest.

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