Ended - World Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Trinidad and Tobago – Sept 28-89, 2018

Ended - World Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Trinidad and Tobago – Sept 28-89, 2018

World Cocoa and Chocolate Day will be celebrated with a two day expo (WCCD7expo) open to the public involving cocoa stakeholders and well wishers. Hosted by Cocoa Research Centre this sixth annual celebration of cocoa and chocolate seeks to excite the minds of the population as to the opportunities that are as yet untapped in the local marketplace for cocoa and chocolate and showcase the vast potential the industry holds for local and regional economic diversification.

The expo will feature:

  • Workshop sessions on cocoa farming, cocoa disease management, and improving flavour and quality of the cocoa beans/chocolate you produce.
  • A chocolate food fest featuring the best of the chocolate-based cuisines and confectioneries; and our ever-popular exhibit,
  • A competition fostering innovations in incorporating cocoa/chocolate into food: “Innovations in Chocolate Cuisine: A Food and Beverage Challenge“.
  • Cacao Dreams: Chocolate Haven. An exhibition highlighting the cocoa story, the challenges and threats, the creative efforts of local entrepreneurs and researchers, what the future should look like and information on best practices and technologies on offer.
  • Sign-ups for tours to the world’s largest Universal Collection of cocoa, opportunities to sign up to learn chocolate making or to learn to become a chocolate flavour ‘connoisseur’; children’s games and lots of other fun activities.
  • Opportunities to win beautiful hand-crafted artwork by local artists and other prizes for the various games.
  • Cocoa and Chocolate Inspiration From Abroad – a brand new exhibit of innovative products from abroad made with cocoa/chocolate (pending confirmation)

School teachers/administrators are welcome to arrange student tours but must kindly note our requirement for all school visits to be pre-registered by CRC organisers to avoid long waits due to over-crowding. Please visit our online link register and we will add you to the schedule.

Thank you for your co-operation in ensuring a safe and comfortable event for all.

Please visit CRC’s official website page for the event for a current list of exhibitors and other information:
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