SOLD – FBM Clima 50 mold cooling tunnel

SOLD – FBM Clima 50 mold cooling tunnel

Located on Long Island

  • In perfect working condition
  • Year of manufacture/installation: 2020 (new price ~$43,500, ex-works)
  • 220V 60 Hz 3-phase
  • All-digital controls
  • Room for 50 up to Euro-standard 275 x 175mm x 25mm molds
  • Adjustable speed – 3~5 molds/minute
  • Adjustable temperature – down to 5°C (41ºF)
  • Inspection windows with internal light
  • Pneumatic (compressed air) pistons for mold movement
  • Sensors for mold placement
  • Weighs 700kg (1540 lbs)e
Asking price US$35,000 not including shipping or required air compressor (6bar, 90PSI).

• Includes inline compressed air filter and air hose
• Palletized and crated, ready for shipment

A vertical (folded) cooling tunnel is an attractive alternative when you need the throughput but don’t have the space for a conventional horizontal cooling tunnel.

Clima 50 / 100 [Vertical cooling tunnel for molds] Chocolate Machines - FBM Boscolo
Vertical tunnel for the production of printed chocolates, tablets, solids, chocolate snacks. Electronically controlled machine.
The catalog page on the FBM website. Visit for dimensions.
Note: Make sure to measure your space properly to ensure you have the necessary height and width to move the machine into your space, especially with respect to door height/width and corner clearance in corridors. Level floors with clear access (no stairs) is highly recommended given the weight.
Note: If you have more than one device on the same air compressor, make sure to install a mechanism (i.e., a manifold regulator) to ensure the delivery of constant pressure/volume to all lines. Variations in pressure and volume can lead to inconsistent performance on all connected devices.


Contact the seller, Ravi at ravigoojha[@]

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