UNLISTED – Spectra100 Melanger and Custom Conche

UNLISTED – Spectra100 Melanger and Custom Conche

Located in Miami.

These items are no longer available. This post is published/active so as not to generate 404 errors from searches.

For other items that may be available click on this » Classifieds « link, or in the top nav.

Both items were purchased for a bean-to-bar operation in Port au Prince and were used approximately 30 times.

Reason for selling: relocating back to the US.

Spectra 100

  • Capacity: ~40kg
  • Electrical configuration: 220VAC 60Hz single-phase

Spectra home page. This particular machine appears to have been superseded by a more recent design.

Asking price: US$6k.

Custom Conche

  • Capacity: ~40kg
  • Electrical configuration: 220VAC 60Hz single-phase

This second-generation conche was designed by Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate and was manufactured by The Custom District, a mechanical engineering/fab firm in Maryland.

  • The basin is electrically heated and is not water jacketed.
  • There is a shaft with paddles on it that provide the mixing shear.
  • There is a three-quarter cover for the basin that lets volatiles escape. This results in audible splashing noises during operation.
  • Depending on the chocolate that goes into the conche and what the goals are for finished flavor and texture, typical batch times are three-to-five hours.
Asking price: US$5k.

Bundle Offer

Purchase both for US$10k.


Contact the seller via email.


All transactions are between the buyer and the seller and TheChocolateLife assumes no liability of any kind for incorrect information and/or incomplete transactions, for any reason.

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