Looking For My New Bliss

Looking For My New Bliss

A visitor to TheChocolateLife asks ...

“Is there a chocolate on the market that tastes anything like Hershey's Bliss milk chocolate – those beautiful purple-ish crinkly wrappers?”


Hershey’s discontinued Bliss about five years ago without giving disappointed fans any reason why. The following article on Mashed purports to give the reason and some history.

The Reason Hershey’s Bliss Was Discontinued
In 2016, Hershey’s lovers were left heartbroken (and in need of some chocolate to heal said heartbreak) after the brand unexpectedly pulled Bliss off the shelf.
I have not done any independent research to confirm the veracity of the story one way or the other.

Some Thoughts

I don’t recall ever having eaten Bliss (let alone tasted it), not even raiding one of my kids’ trick-or-treat bags after Halloween.

The story from Mashed suggests that Bliss was supplanted in consumers’ minds by a Dove product, but I can’t comment on any comparison not being able to recall having tasted that one, either. And I don’t know if the asker (who wishes to remain anonymous) is keyed in on the taste or the texture of Bliss pieces.

Let Us Know in the Comments

Do you have a recommendation for a replacement/close substitute?
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