Present & Past Collabs

Present & Past Collabs

Team TCL is happy and proud to collaborate with select individuals, companies, and associations whose mission and goals align with ours.

Updated May 13th, 2023

A ChocolateLife collaborator is a business or individual that/who makes a direct or in-kind investment to help benefit and/or grow TheChocolateLife community.

Visit this page for updated information on the elements of collaborations with TheChocolateLife.

Current Collabs

Cocoa Supply - Wholesale Sustainable Cacao Products and Specialty Ingredients
Quality and Sustainable Cacao and Specialty Ingredients for bakeries, restaurants, manufacturers, and chocolatiers.
Beans, nibs, liquor, butter, powder, and more, from a family with ties to Ecuadorian cocoa stretching back over 100 years to the era of Gran Cacao.
Chocolate Formulation - Keto, Vegan, Bean to Bar | Cacao Consulting | Arizona
Cacao Consulting is a chocolate R&D and formulation company specializing in the creation of clean label, advanced ingredient chocolates, especially bean-to-bar, keto or low-to-no-sugar, and vegan. We comanufacture and copack chocolate and cacao products.
Bean To Bar Craft Chocolate | Orinoco Chocolate Co. | Prescott, Arizona
Bean to bar craft chocolate shipped worldwide. Handmade in small batches with no refined sugar. Allergen friendly, vegan and keto facility.

Past Collaborations

Home - APWASI - Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute
Start learning about wine online For Beginners & Experts We’re a non-profit with the mission to promote online wine education for anyone, anywhere. View our courses Start learning about wine For Wine Beginners & Experts We’re a non-profit with the mission to promote online wine education for anyone,…
FBM Boscolo - Macchine per la lavorazione del Cioccolato e Biscotti
[FBM Boscolo] Macchine per la lavorazione del Cioccolato e dei Biscotti, Bean to Bar

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