The Chocolate Alliance Announces Chocolate Business Webinar Series June 1-3

The Chocolate Alliance Announces Chocolate Business Webinar Series June 1-3

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In March, The Chocolate Alliance began hosting a series of virtual Crisis Conferences for the artisan chocolate industry. These online gatherings hosted members of the cocoa supply chain from 18+ countries in each session, including cocoa growers, government agencies, chocolate makers, and equipment manufacturers. Out of the crisis conferences came the idea to host a global gathering of chocolate industry leaders – the Chocolate Business Webinars.

The goals of the webinars are to build community within the industry, create social connections, share knowledge from key stakeholders in the supply chain, and to develop resilient solutions to the challenges that artisan chocolate makers face everyday.

Chocolate Alliance founder Nicole Seymour says “These are unprecedented times that call for an adaptive response to help business leaders and agricultural producers survive the global challenges we face. This digital gathering will be a place to begin rebuilding the economy and chocolate industry.” 

Visit TheChocolateAlliance website to sign up – the webinars are not free but the daily cost is nominal.

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Featured Speakers List

  • Simran Bindra, Kokoa Kamili​
  • Emily Stone, Uncommon Cacao
  • Daniel Domingo, Cacao Latitudes
  • Stasi Baranoff, Uncommon Cacao
  • Makiko Taguchi, Food & Agricultural Organization, United Nations
  • Nat Bletter, Madre Chocolate
  • Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolate
  • Paul Newman, K’ul Chocolate
  • Brad Kintzer, FCIA & TCHO 
  • Alysha Kropf, Ecole Chocolat
  • Jessica Ferraro, Bar Cacao
  • Karen Neugebauer, Forte Chocolates
  • Bill Guyton, Executive Director, FCIA
  • Carla Martin, Executive Director, FCCI
  • Etienne Patout, CEO, Theo Chocolate 
  • Arcelia Gallardo, Mission Chocolate
  • Gillian Goddard, Alliance for Rural Communities
  • Elizabeth Johnson, IICA
  • Aaron Barthal, Intrigue Chocolates
  • Michael Recchuiti, Recchiuti Confections
  • Dylan Butterbaugh, Manoa Chocolate
  • Lorenzo Datei, Packint
  • Bhavani Veerapaneni, Diamond Custom Machines
  • Dr. Balu, Cocoatown
  • Ms. Andal Balu, Cocoatown
  • Gino Dalla Gasperina, Meridian Cacao
  • Ralph Leroy, Makaya Chocolat
  • Freddy Ramirez Troya, Casa Franceschi

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