The Chocolate Life on Clubhouse

The Chocolate Life on Clubhouse

Plan to start your day listening in and participating Live From Brooklyn, NY and streaming globally ... it’s the Daily Open #Chocolate Chat on Clubhouse! News, views, and wide-open conversations about topics in cocoa, chocolate, and more Weekdays starting at 10am EDT.

Each episode starts off with a featured topic just to get the conversation started but there are no limits to where the conversations can go! (As long as it’s not illegal, of course.)

At the moment, the Clubhouse app is for iOS only (Android in beta in May!)
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New: Archive of Calendars and Resources

I noticed that the list of schedules, links, and resources, is quickly going to get out of hand on this page. Therefore, on Sunday, April 11th I created an archive on my Google Drive. Within this archive there is a folder for each week, and within each week’s folder there is a Doc with all of the links as well as any images. If there is a PDF document mentioned that has been uploaded for you.

I encourage Clubhouse members to visit the archive before each room to see if there are links and resources that will be referred to during the room.

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse Resources - Google Drive
Click on this bookmark card to explore the archive.

For the sake of brevity, only the Featured Topics for each week are shown.

  • MONDAY – ORIGINS: Jamaica with Nick Davis/One One Cacao. The first in a new weekly series that will feature a cocoa grower and/or chocolate maker from an origin country talking about history, business, traditional uses for cacao, the unique challenges and opportunities they face, and more.
  • TUESDAY – Awards Programs; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Part 2.
  • WEDNESDAY – A look at the economics of being a boutique cocoa trader through an examination of the numbers presented in their annual transparency report.
  • WEDNESDAY CHOCOLATE COLLAB ROOM w/ F&B Magazine on Clubhouse FOHBOH is not the same as FOMO – how can the worlds of specialty chocolate and hospitality work together to integrate chocolate in ways that enhance the dining experience? That and more from @ 21:00 EDT until ...? in a members-only room hosted by F&B Magazine.
  • THURSDAY – Important inventions in the history of chocolate.
  • FRIDAY – The Businesses of Chocolate.

Notice: Beginning this week I will be recording each room for note-taking purposes only, not for distribution/sharing. This will enable me to go back over each room to find links to add to the archive and to extract summary quotes that will go into the archive.

  • MONDAY: Easter Chocolate Traditions
  • TUESDAY: Awards Programs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • WEDNESDAY: Tony’s Oh-So-Lonely: A Deep Dive
  • THURSDAY: Former Slaves vs Big Chocolate
  • FRIDAY: One World Chocolate

  • MONDAY: Ethical Purchasing Scorecards
  • TUESDAY: Tasting Secrets of International Chocolate Judges / Parosmia
  • WEDNESDAY: Humpday AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything)
  • THURSDAY: Special Guest: Frederick Schilling
  • FRIDAY: Ghana Throws Down a Gauntlet

  • MONDAY: First Room!
  • TUESDAY: Innovation
  • WEDNESDAY: Influences / Mentors
  • THURSDAY: Health claims (raw, paleo, and more)
  • FRIDAY: Tea and Labels with co-moderator Amy Dubin of Janam Tea

Featured image credit: Original by Jorik Kleen on Unsplash.


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