The Chocolate Life on Clubhouse Weeks 1-16 Archive

The Chocolate Life on Clubhouse Weeks 1-16 Archive

This is an unmaintained page except for comments. All future updates will be posts for each week. The current week’s post will be pinned to left-most position in the top rail on the home page.

Calendars and Resources

There is a week-by-week shared resource repository available to all. Inside each week’s folder is a Gdoc file with each CH Room’s Featured Topic, links to any websites and other resources mentioned, and a list of files (e.g. PDFs) that have been uploaded into that week’s folder.

The repository is a good place to visit before each Room starts to see if there are links and resources that will be referred to during the room. (Pre-show homework, if you’re up for it.)

Here is the shortcut link to the main folder that lists each week’s folder:

TheChocolateLife on Clubhouse Resources - Google Drive

  • Week 16 Resource Folder
  • Monday July 5th – No Room Today – Independence Day (US) Holiday
  • Tuesday – Supply Webs: Connecting Consumers with Farmers.
  • Wednesday – Have You Been Ponoed?
  • Thursday – “Chocolate in NYC: A Golden Age 1850-1900” with Michael Laiskonis.
  • Friday – Co-Packing/Co-Manufacturing w/ Christian Tyler.

  • Week 15 Resource Folder
  • Monday – “Fair” Trade – Who Decides What’s Fair?
  • Tuesday – Cocoa Supply Chains – Linking Farmers & Consumers.
  • Wednesday – Deep Dive: Cocoa Powder suggested by Rosemary Daly who posed the question, “Why did Valrhona remove ‘100% Cocoa’ from the front of their cocoa powder packaging?”
  • Thursday – A History of Chocolate in a NY state of mind: A Second Revolution: Chocolate in New York City, 1800-1850 w/ Michael Laiskonis.
  • Friday – The Future of Chocolate.

  • Week 14 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – A Dark Side to bean-to-bar/craft/artisan chocolate.
  • TUESDAY – Truth or Consequences: Origin Stories.
  • WEDNESDAY – Is Aging Chocolate a (Good) Thing?
  • THURSDAY – Chocolate in NYC 1750-1800: A Consuming Culture ›› Podcast ‹‹
  • FRIDAY – Mass Balance Deep Dive – What it is and what it means.

  • Week 13 Resource Folder
  • VIP Clubhouse Join links are room-specific. They expire once the room has ended. Use the link (on your phone) to jump the waitlist, create a CH account, join the club, and RSVP to the room.
  • MONDAY – Wine & Chocolate hosted by David Greenwood-Haigh with special guest Judith Lewis.
  • TUESDAY – On Beyond Chocolate: Upcycling!
  • WEDNESDAY – Why Belgium?
  • THURSDAY – The History of Chocolate 1750 – present-day viewed from New York. This room will be an introduction into a weekly five-part series of rooms looking at specific eras in the history of chocolate “in a New York state of mind” – with Michael Laiskonis, Creative Director of the Institute of Culinary Education and ex- Executive Pastry Chef of Tribute and Le Bernardin. ›› Podcast ‹‹
  • FRIDAY – ¡Not! SharkTank w/ FZ Hakam of Zora Chocolate (Morocco/US).

  • Week 12 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – Packaging: The Good, The Bad, and The ... with David Greenwood-Haigh.
  • TUESDAY – Origins: Venezuela w/ Claudia Franceschi, Corina Gimenez, and Mariana de la Rosa.
  • WEDNESDAY – Nestlé USA & Cargill USA vs John Doe. A ruling is anticipated in the US Supreme Court — ›› Podcast ‹‹
  • THURSDAY – 3D Printing Chocolate
  • FRIDAY – alt.sweet (Alternative Sweeteners)

  • Week 11 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – NO ROOM – Memorial Day
  • TUESDAY – Communicating Sustainability w/ Leo Palmer of Twenty Degrees Cacao.
  • WEDNESDAY – Understanding Consumer Perception of Craft Chocolate.
  • THURSDAY – Is “Craft” Chocolate The Future (of chocolate)?
  • FRIDAY – Deep Dive: Fermentation.

  • Week 10 Resource Folder
  • VIP Invite links are room-specific they expire once the room has finished.
  • MONDAY – Deep Dive: How to Perfect Pairings
  • TUESDAY – The Perfect Workshop Pt 1: Estimating Production
  • WEDNESDAY – The Perfect Workshop Pt 2: Grand Designs
  • THURSDAY – Tackling Poverty
  • FRIDAY – Characterizing the World Cocoa Markets

  • Week 8 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – Origins: Ecuador with featured guest Jenny Samaniego, founder of Conexión Chocolate and founder and co-organizer of the Cacao and Chocolate Summit. ›› Podcast ‹‹
  • TUESDAY – My Best Mistake(s)
  • WEDNESDAY – Blending (is your friend)
  • THURSDAY – What is Quality?
  • FRIDAY – Educating Children (about cocoa and chocolate)

  • Week 7 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – Origins: Prehistory
  • TUESDAY – Weirdest Flavor Combinations
  • WEDNESDAY – Is Chocolate Dangerous?
  • THURSDAY – On Beyond Bean to Bar
  • FRIDAY – Chocolate’s Biggest Marketing Blunders

  • Week 6 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – Origins: Panama w/ Lyn Bishop, a cacao farmer and chocolate maker on Panama’s Pacific Coast
  • TUESDAY – Deep Dive: Conching
  • WEDNESDAY – Deep Dive: Couverture w/ David Greenwood-Haigh
  • THURSDAY – Deep Dive: CocoTerra Chocolate Maker w/ Nate Saal, CocoTerra’s founder
  • FRIDAY – Tasting, Rating & Reviewing Chocolate — ››Podcast‹‹

  • Week 5 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – Origins: Grenada with Aaron Sylvester
  • TUESDAY – What Were They Thinking? (about head-scratching new products)
  • WEDNESDAY – Is GMO in Cocoa a Thing?
  • THURSDAY – Innovating in Cocoa and Chocolate w/ Special Guests
  • FRIDAY – How Chocolate Gets Its Taste: Nature v Nurture w/ Special Guest Eric Reid of SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier.

  • Week 4 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY – ORIGINS: Jamaica with Nick Davis/One One Cacao. The first in a new weekly series that will feature a cocoa grower and/or chocolate maker from an origin country talking about history, business, traditional uses for cacao, the unique challenges and opportunities they face, and more.
  • TUESDAY – Awards Programs; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Part 2.
  • WEDNESDAY – A look at the economics of being a boutique cocoa trader through an examination of the numbers presented in their annual transparency report.
  • WEDNESDAY CHOCOLATE COLLAB ROOM w/ F&B Magazine on Clubhouse FOHBOH is not the same as FOMO – how can the worlds of specialty chocolate and hospitality work together to integrate chocolate in ways that enhance the dining experience? That and more from @ 21:00 EDT until ...? in a members-only room hosted by F&B Magazine.
  • THURSDAY – Important inventions in the history of chocolate.
  • FRIDAY – The Business of Chocolate.

  • Week 3 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY: Easter Chocolate Traditions
  • TUESDAY: Awards Programs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • WEDNESDAY: Tony’s Oh-So-Lonely: A Deep Dive
  • THURSDAY: Former Slaves vs Big Chocolate
  • FRIDAY: One World Chocolate

  • Week 2 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY: Ethical Purchasing Scorecards
  • TUESDAY: Tasting Secrets of International Chocolate Judges / Parosmia
  • WEDNESDAY: Humpday AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything)
  • THURSDAY: Special Guest: Frederick Schilling
  • FRIDAY: Ghana Throws Down a Gauntlet

  • Week 1 Resource Folder
  • MONDAY: First Room!
  • TUESDAY: Innovation
  • WEDNESDAY: Influences / Mentors
  • THURSDAY: Health claims (raw, paleo, and more)
  • FRIDAY: Tea and Labels with co-moderator Amy Dubin of Janam Tea

Featured image credit: Original by Super Straho on Unsplash

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