April 2024 Member Newsletter

April 2024 Member Newsletter

All #TheChocolateLife updates that are fit to eat for April 2024. Not a member, yet? What’s keeping you? Sign up today!

Welcome & Thank You To All New ChocolateLife Members!

Since its founding in 2008, TheChocolateLife has counted members in over 160 countries on every continent but Antarctica. March saw new member signups from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Israel, the Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and the UK, in addition to eight US states.

Reaching a Milestone in April

April will see the publishing of the 1,500th post here on TheChocolateLife. About 50% of them have been published since moving from The Maven to Ghost in 2021. The database over on the archive site has about 1,300 forum posts with nearly 19,000 comments alone!

I have been working with my developer to finally introduce single sign-on (SSO) in the coming weeks: If you have a membership here on Ghost you will be able to use the same email address to log onto both sites. If you are logged in here on Ghost, clicking on the link in the top nav should take you to the site where you are automatically logged in. At least – that’s the plan! The FORUMS section of the archive site will become active again enabling members to ask and answer questions without pre-moderation.

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