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Ask TheChocolateLife

While your question might not be the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, if your question is about cocoa or chocolate it’s pretty darn important.

Why This Form?

In the last six months of TheChocolateLife on Maven, a frighteningly high percentage of posts came from spammers using disposable email addresses. To combat this flood of SPAM (a mixed metaphor if there ever was [or were?] one) questions are now being moderated.

Ask Your Question

If you have a question about cocoa or chocolate – even if you are not a member – please ask it using the form below [a Google Doc] and TeamTCL will set to work finding an answer and posting it here on TheChocolateLife. While it may seem like there are a lot of questions on the form, answers are actually required to only four of them.

Any personally identifying information you supply will be handled according to our privacy policy:

TheChocolateLife and Your Privacy
No, Big Data is not watching you – because respecting privacy is very important to us.

Past Answers to Questions Posed by Members

AMA: Ask Me Anything (About Cocoa or Chocolate) #1 – Edible Crystals
The QuestionChocolate is a crystal. What other crystals do we eat? Chocolate is mind (andtaste bud) blowing eh? It’s actually not completely accurate to say that chocolateitself is a crystal. Chocolate contains cocoa butter – the percentage depends on the chocolate recipe– that has crystalliz…
AMA: Ask Me Anything (About Cocoa or Chocolate) #3 – Why Not W Africa?
The Question:Why is it rare for us to see bean to bar makers sourcing their cocoa beans fromWest Africa? — Fatima Zohra-Hakam, Zora Chocolate[] There are many ways to answer this question – the most blunt answer is thepresence of an elephant in the room: Unacknow…
AMA: Ask Me Anything (About Cocoa or Chocolate) #8: What is Conching?
The QuestionThis is another assertion that is not usually put in the form of a question.Rather, it is the misuse of a technical term: melangers (or melangeurs, a Frenchterm for mixer) are very often referred to as conches. Technically, melangersare a form of universal, so-called because all of…

If you are a member, you can pose a question in the comments below. Answers will be published as separate posts.
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