Chocolate-loving friends, in Ecuador, South America, we have the best cocoa in the world for its good taste and quality, we are the leading exporter of cocoa Fine Aroma variety Arriba, I invite you to visit my country, where I can offer a tour of the main sectors of production of cocoa beans, the tour route of cocoa, then visit the centers of production of cocoa liquor for coverage and places where they make handmade chocolates, made by the peasant associations.

Do not miss the delightful experience of tasting the beans fresh from the cob, which is an almond covered with a white-fleshed sweet and pleasant, also experience the pleasure of seeing and smelling the aroma of roasted cacao, enjoy exciting taste of freshly from cocoa liquor, and finally taste the delicious handmade chocolates produced by the natives of the area.

The tour will be great, do it for the path of cocoa and learn all about this delicious grain, you can visit many wonderful places, because we have beautiful places, both in the mountains of cold weather (6-18 C/43-64 F), where we have beautiful mountains with snow on the coast where we have beautiful and large beaches with a sea rich (20-32 C/68-90 F), then there is the East with its warm and humid, with large trees, lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls (22 – 30 C / 72-86 F).

If you decide to visit my country Ecuador, also enjoy a variety of typical dishes from each region, and finally, if you are interested can visit the Galapagos Islands or Enchanted Isles, with its wonderful wildlife, giant tortoises and marine species unique the world who have been declared World Heritage Site, so mind and travel, forming a good group of 20 people, give me 30 days to organize everything and I have the great pleasure to be your guide on this wonderful adventure.


Ivn Andrade

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