Does anyone have experience using the Savage Bros. 50LB Chocolate temperer? I am looking to have…

Does anyone have experience using the Savage Bros. 50LB Chocolate temperer? I am looking to have some questions answered, prior to purchasing. I currently used a Chocovision Rev Delta unit. Business is growing and a want chocolate available for longer periods without the chocolate becoming so thick. So I have some questions I’d like to post… I know the rev delta after about an hr, any of the chocolates I temper because so thick, I know I can raise the temp and lower it back down again. I feel or believe if I had a closed system, like the Savage Bros. 50lb chocolate temperer, the chocolate would not necessarily get like this.

a number of my confections have 1 inclusion. My thoughts are to slightly warm my inclusion, which I can, to around the same temp as the tempered chocolate. Then draw tempered chocolate into the bowl and mix the inclusion with chocolate, portion out on a table accordingly. the inclusion is a harder food product, in larger pieces that I prefer to keep larger and not cut down.

my questions for anyone with the Savage Bros 50 Choc. Temperer
1. how long can I keep chocolate inside the machine before it has to be cleaned?
2. How long does it take to temper, say a 20lb – 50lb batch of chocolate?
3. Once the chocolate is in temper, will the machine keep it tempered indefinitely? Or is there something similar to a pause kind of function, that I could come back later that day or four days later, hit the temper button and X number of minutes or hours (?) later the chocolate is back in temper?
4. how long is the drain hose and the water inlet hose for the jacket? Does this water have to be constantly drained and refilled or is that only after a certain period of time?
5. Does the chocolate thicken, like it does for an open unit tempering machine, or since it is a closed kind of system, the chocolate does not get like that?
6. What do you do when you need to replenish the chocolate? Do you have to go through the entire process again, or can you simply add broken up pieces of chocolate to the top of the unit?
7. not sure what else to ask now.

I certainly appreciate anyone that can help me with these questions. I’ve done tons of research and really can’t find the answers. I contacted Savage Bros, super nice folks and they did send me the manual. However I am looking for real world experience on this.

Folks, truly THANK YOU in advance.

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Ruth, AWESOME… Thanks, I think I misunderstood that part earlier. You’re the best, I appreciate your time, and especially all of the details! Thanks again! Dave

You temper the whole pot and pour off what you need. It will take a while to figure out what works for you, but the machines are solid. I got mine used and have used them for 10 years with very few problems. I rarely put 50# in at a time. Usually 20-30.

Ruth, WOW… Thank you SO very, very much!! Regarding overall, you answered so many of my questions, again THANK YOU!

Regarding tempering; your 50# machines condition, then you still have to temper whenever you decide to use the chocolate. Without sounding completely off the wall here (very new); the machines you have, maintain whatever temp you have them set for. You temper the chocolates whenever you are ready to use them then, correct? Whereas you remove chocolate, temper on a slab, then you are good to go from there, right?

I am looking at the 50 Lb Table-Top Chocolate Temperer – PLC Touch-Screen Chocolate Tempering machine. I was thinking this would/could hold my chocolate in temper, so I could easily remove whatever tempered chocolate I needed at the time, add my inclusion to the same bowl. Stirring the two together to gently coat the inclusion and still keep my chocolate in temper.

Right now using the Chocovision Rev Delta, when my chocolate is in temper, I will ladle out tempered chocolate into a warmed SS bowl. Add my inclusion in, which could be some nuts or some type of flakes. Seems like things work okay for the first 10 that I scoop out on to parchment, however then the next set I scoop from the same bowl, comes out being out of temper, sort of that muddy color and no snap. I place the SS bowl over a double boiler that is on low to keep the temperature consistent.

also seems like to am quick to move through the process, however the chocolate also starts getting thicker in the Rev. Delta, so perhaps that part is a timing issue with me.

I have 3 Savage 50# tempers. I love them! Mine are older ones that do not have the electronics of the newer ones.
Now to your questions:

1. I have never cleaned mine out. I add to them, but have never cleaned them.
2. I can have tempered chocolate in 5 minutes, but it depends on many factors, such as temperature of the chocolate. If you are going to use cold water and cool it down and bring it back up, it could take a while, probably less than an hour.
3. NO temper, unless it is a continuous one, will keep the chocolate from over-tempering eventually. You can feed it with untempered chocolate at the working temp to “thin out” the beta 5 crystals and keep working.
4. My hoses are a couple of feet long, but you csn easily have them made any length you want. The water jacket is plumbed with cold water and it can be heated. It needs to flush out to get the temp down. You can also run without it being connected to water as long as the jacket is full.
5. All chocolate will thicken as it gets over-crystallized.
6. Lift the lid and scoop it in or you can melt in micro and pour it in.

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