Ended - 14th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival

Ended - 14th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival

> There’s a little something for everyone!

[Several tantalizing events](http://www.oregonchocolatefestival.com/schedule/ “Several tantalizing events“) have come to be associated with the Oregon Chocolate Festival. Last year’s “[Spa Chocolate Cocktail Party](http://www.oregonchocolatefestival.com/spa-chocolate-cocktail-party/ “Spa Chocolate Cocktail Party“)” for adults. How fun is that?! A “Chocolate Product Competition” raise the bar on chocolate creations.

Each year, another outrageous chocolate sculpture is displayed in the hotel lobby. Workshops on Beer & Chocolate pairings, and Wine & Chocolate pairings, and chef demonstrations are sprinkled throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. A Social Hour in the Stardust Lounge followed by the Chocolate Maker’s Dinner kick off the weekend on Friday night, and a [Charlie’s Chocolate 5K Run/Walk](http://www.oregonchocolatefestival.com/chocolate-run/ “Charlie’s Chocolate 5K Run/Walk“) start the festivities on Sunday morning.

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