Ended - 2018 World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting Oct 24-28

Ended - 2018 World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting Oct 24-28

The 2018 Partnership Meeting features a packed two-day agenda (the full agenda will be posted soon) that explores a range of topics relevant to the theme “The New Frontiers of Cocoa Sustainability”.

An optional field trip to the cocoa-growing region around Ilhéus (Bahia state) will take place on October 26-28.

Keynote speakers include;

  • Joseph Boahen “JB” Aidoo, CEO of Ghana Cocoa Board
  • Guilherme Leal, Co-Founder of WCF member company Dengo (Brazil) and leading sustainability advocate
  • Mauricio Lopes, President of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Embrapa

To more information and registration links (takes you to the WCF website in a new tab or window) click here.

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