Buying a "non-working" FBM Boscolo Aura Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Buying a "non-working" FBM Boscolo Aura Chocolate Tempering Machine?

I have a local bean-to-bar shop with a non-working FBM Boscolo Aura Chocolate Tempering Machine. They used it till it supposedly blew a gasket and started leaking chocolate. They bought a Selmi and just left the FBM to collect dust. No one knows exactly what is wrong with it, it powers on and they have looked it over and lightly tinkered on it but there is no service technicians in the area and they just didn't care. They thought of selling it for $1,000 but I have no idea if that is crazy since it could be an easy fix or a nightmare. Would anyone risk it and if so, what about the price point and getting it back up to speed?

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@BRice – you contacted me via DM and I will ask and answer there about the history of the machine.

If a gasket or seal were broken, it's important to know where. Theoretically, there's nothing hard about taking the machine apart and replacing it. If there was a support issue they did not contact me about it.

I would be interested in taking a gamble. I have tech experience in the coffee world, and would be curious to see how well it translates to fixing this! Feel free to send me an email to

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