Ended - Chocolat Bahia 2017

Ended - Chocolat Bahia 2017

> With its first edition in 2009, in Ilhéus, land of Gabriela, scene of ardent passions and unforgettable loves, the International Chocolate and Cocoa Festival arrives at its ninth uninterrupted edition with a record of absolute success, consolidating itself as one of the most Important agribusiness, tourism and gastronomy events in Bahia.

It proposes a unique model in the world, next to the event of the same franchise in the Amazon, since it presents the entire production chain from cocoa to chocolate, with the best chocolates of origin in Brazil. The event hosts, for four days, visitors from various states and countries, cocoa producers, investors, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public in search of business, culture, training, Lots of chocolate.

During the event, courses and lectures are held, a large fair with chocolate exhibition, cocoa products, chain products and public and private entities, a series of cultural activities, art exhibitions, farm tourism, educational space for children, atelier Chocolate and shows with regional and national artists.

In the last edition the event received an average of 50,000 visitors, counted on more than 80 exhibitors, 26 of them of origin chocolate. The festival had a great national repercussion, with articles in leading magazines in its segments such as Prazeres da Mesa and Doce Revista, in addition to the main communication vehicles of Brazil, highlighting Folha de S. Paulo, Globo Rural, Jornal do Commercio, The Globo, Correio da Bahia, big sites, TV stations and radios from all over the country.

[ Google Translate from the home page of the festival web site; Image is from the same source. ]

Festival website: http://www.chocolatfestival.com/bahia/2017/

Archived Comments

After I leave the Salon del Cacao y Chocolate in Lima, I travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a few days before heading to Ilheus to participate in this festival. I am also a presenter. What I am looking forward to is meeting farmers and traveling to farms. This is the first time I will be traveling to Brazil and I am curious to know how things are the same – and different – from the other countries I have visited.
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