F/S - Gently Used FBM Rumbo

F/S - Gently Used FBM Rumbo

Located in Snohomish, WA. USA


  • Manufactured in 2017
  • ~60-70kg batch capacity
  • 220v single phase (60 Hz - despite what the pictured label says)
  • Used during one of the chocolate-making classes I gave in Las Vegas before being sold, used only a few times since
  • Cleaned of chocolate
  • Asking price: $15,000 (not including crating/shipping)
  • Reason for selling: capacity is too great for current needs

Grindeur - Rumbo - FBM Boscolo
Granite melangeur to process the cocoa nibs. Stainless steel structure.
FBM catalog page. Note: The version for sale does not include the PLC controls.
Rumbo emptying. Video courtesy of the seller.

Interested? Have Questions?

Contact the seller directly.


All transactions are between the buyer and the seller and TheChocolateLife assumes no liability of any kind for incorrect information and/or incomplete transactions, for any reason.

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