F/S - Bean-to-Bar Line & More

F/S - Bean-to-Bar Line & More

Located on Long Island, New York.

  • All machinery 60Hz – 120VAC and 220 single and 3-phase.
  • If purchased separately – ~$62,000.
  • Bundle price – $56,000 delivery included within a 150 mile radius of Manhattan. ** Shipping is not included when purchasing any item individually.
225kg of fermented /aged Nicaraguan Trinitario beans.
47kg of Trinitario nibs from the same beans.

Included at no extra charge if all equipment is purchased by same buyer.
Beans @ $10/kg and nibs @ $15/kg to all other buyers.

Cracker / Pre Grinder

La Milpa Power Mill by C.S. Bell Co. 120VAC.

Asking price if purchased separately: $1400
A DIY winnowing solution. The amount of shell left in nib depends on the length of time in the mixer. To reduce noise, replace the shopvac with a small squirrel cage blower with a dimmer wired inline to control the speed. Then mount the fan on the mixer carriage and use flexible metal tubing to make the winnower more compact.

Three Roll Mill

J.H. Day Three Roll Mill. 5” x 12”, cored rolls. Includes new Nip Guard, Mill Blades, Apron Assembly, ¼” Brass Water Manifold.

220VAC single-phase input to be used with Emerson Unidrive M200/201 Variable AC Speed Controller (below).

Asking price if purchased separately: $5600.


Spectra 65 Melanger, chain drive, SS 2Hp.

220VAC single-phase input to be used with Emerson Unidrive M200/201 Variable AC Speed Controller (included).

Asking price if purchased separately: $4500

Tempering, Depositing, Enrobing

FBM Unica Automatic Continuous Tempering Machine, 25kg capacity working bowl, 75kg/hr tempering throughput.

220VAC single-phase.

Asking price with all accessories (bundle): $30,000.

Included accessories:

  • Craft chocolate upgrade for working with high-viscosity (e.g., two-ingredient) chocolates.
  • Vibrating table.
  • Electronic and pneumatic dosing options (pneumatic dosing requires compressed air, commpressor not included), variable speed auger controller, and one set of dosing plates.
  • Mold loading belt with in-line vibrator.
  • Enrobing belt (complete) with plexiglass cope and heating lamp.
Mold loader for Unica tempering machine, not available separately.


FBM Perla Horizontal Belt Coater (panner). Includes cooling system and support with wheels.)

220v single phase.

Asking price if purchased separately: $15,000.

Guitar Cutter

Dedy Single Arm Mini Guitar Cutter Base in 7.5mm increments includes Pickup Pan Spare Wire, fasteners, and tools. Dedy Guitar Frame 22.5mm.

Asking price if purchased separately: $1250.

Flow Wrapper

Imanpack Packing Solutions Mini Micropac Horizontal Flow Wrap (2005). Wraps solid products in polypropylene film, up to 40 packages per minute. Includes a Kortho Hot Quickcoder for inline labeling for batch codes and best-before dating.

220VAC 3-phase.

Asking price if purchased separately: $3400.


Winholt Full Height Non-Insulated Mobile Heated Cabinet with 35 pan capacity.


Photo left, below. Asking price if purchased separately: $400.


American Rotary Phase Converter.
Input 220VAC single-phase/output 220v 3-phase.

Photo right above. Asking price if purchased separately: $750.


Contact Sal Palma directly at spalma_2000[@]yahoo.com


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