Archived: Holiday Early Bird TCL Membership Offer

Archived: Holiday Early Bird TCL Membership Offer

20% off the first year of an Annual Membership.

This offer has expired.
Every Annual Membership includes a one-hour consultation/coaching session, valued at $150, for each year of your Annual Membership.

As with many good things, these discounted memberships are in very limited supply, so if you’ve been thinking about becoming an annual member – now is the time do it as once all 24 are claimed that will be it for 2021.

The Chocolate Life
The global online community for chocolate lovers of all flavors.

In addition to the consultation/coaching session Annual Members receive:

  • Notifications of new posts
  • Members-only offers, including regular online video conference sessions
  • A free-for-life account on the new ChocolateLife discussion server
  • and more ...

Don’t Delay, Grab Your Membership Today!

Want to give an annual membership as a gift? Send an email to[@]thechocolatelife[.]com to make it happen.

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