SOLD: Used Bakon Tempering Machine

SOLD: Used Bakon Tempering Machine

$15,000.00 Great condition. Ships from central Ohio.
Bakon Chocolution Tempering machine for sale. Perfect for a smaller to mid size operation.

Fully automatic chocolate tempering machine.
Key Features
Convenient touch screen color display with 3 language selection (English – Spanish – French)
Capacity of 6.3 Gal. of melted chocolate
Selection of temperature unit in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Completely made of stainless 304 and other food grade components
No tools required for cleaning
Low maintenance
BISSC certified
Automatic tempering of chocolate for moulding, dipping, cake decorating,…
Ease of use thanks to easy touch screen interface
Motors thermally protected
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Reliability and simplicity of a 110V 60 Hz machine

Archived Comments

The machine will ship from Ohio.

It looks like you’re located in the Los Angeles area, and this might be where the machine is. Is that correct?

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