SOLD - F/S WC Smith Enrober and Melter

SOLD - F/S WC Smith Enrober and Melter

Located in Grand Haven, MI. The Tricor Temper Meter has been sold.

12-inch WC Smith Enrober, 1950s

  • With new feed belt, new stainless steel enrober belt, new tail remover motor, and Savage Brothers 100lb melter.
  • Both are 120V and require dedicated breakers.

Asking $15,000 for the pair, not including shipping.

Savage Bros 100 lb melter

SOLD – Tricor Model 225 Chocolate Temper Meter

  • Includes a case of sample cups, $300 value.
  • 120V

This machine has been sold so the seller’s contact information has been removed.
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