Grilled Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Australia is known for hatching some pretty interesting food trends, but this one has to take the cake … erh, cookie.

Watch the video here.

What do you think? Gross? Tasty (the video shows that bacon is an ingredient)? Is this something that could be improved by the judicious use of Vegemite?

If you make these (or even if you don’t), please share your thoughts.

Archived Comments

I’ve heard of the cheese in hot chocolate thing before. Not to my taste but I completely understand how it could appeal, depending of course on the cheese. I completely agree about battering and deep frying, perhaps with some chocolate sauce drizzle? Those would be awesome.

Yow. Next up is taking this, dipping it in batter, and deep-frying it. Probably sell a lot of them at annual state fairs or such. Seems almost like sensory overload and the portion pictured looks pretty huge for such a rich food.

Still, I’ve had many patients from Puerto Rico tell me that they grew up with a cube of cheddar cheese placed in a mug and then hot chocolate poured over it (I assume the hot chocolate was made with those solid disks of chocolate intended for use in hot drinks).

When you reach the bottom, there’s a nice blob of melted cheese and you use a chunk of bread to scoop it up. Salty-sweet-chocolatey. I can think of worse ways to start the day. This grilled cheese/cookie sandwich thing however, might be over the top for me. IMHO — to each his own.

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