Heinde & Verre Now Available in the US

Heinde & Verre Now Available in the US

For Immediate Release via TheChocolateWire

Dateline December 7, 2020 – Ewald Rietberg and Jan-Willem Jekel, co-founders of acclaimed Rotterdam-based craft chocolate makers Heinde & Verre (“Near and Far” in Dutch), announced the availability of their chocolate bars online in the USA through Bar and Cocoa.

All Heinde & Verre chocolates feature local (Heinde/Near), Dutch-sourced ingredients – with Dutch beet sugar and Dutch dairy as signature ingredients – combined with directly-traded cacao beans and cocoa butter from Indonesia, Brazil, and Perú (Verre/Far).

Heinde & Verre is one of only a very few craft chocolate makers that utilize a combination of aging and blending techniques to bring entirely new and fresh interpretations to their single-origin chocolates. TheChocolateWire wrote a featured story on Heinde & Verre’s approach to blending in March of 2020. TheChocolateWire also interviewed Heinde & Verre’s founders and that video can be found on YouTube.

A selection of six chocolates is available at this time, and each comes in a pack containing 2, 2.5oz (35 gram) bars (70gr total). Each bar is individually sealed in an airtight pouch for maximum freshness. The six chocolates are:

  1. Vegan Noble Bali Mylk 55%, made with a dairy-milk alternative that was developed in-house.
  2. Creamy Noble Bali Milk 55%, made with a combination of Indonesian cacao and creamy whole milk from Dutch cows
  3. Balmy Brazil Milk 62%, made with Dutch buttermilk for an especially silky structure
  4. Aged Noble Bali Dark 71%, a unique solera-style blend of different aging stages of their Balinese chocolates
  5. Bold Brazil Dark 71%, made with a blend of multiple roast profiles; fruity but not overly so 
  6. Vibrant Peru White 37%, an all-natural white chocolate without any additives

(Links above are to the product pages on the Heinde & Verre website for more information, including photos.)


Prices range from $9.50 to $10.00 and can be purchased from the Heinde & Verre Collection page on the Bar and Cocoa website.


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