Hello everyone! I'm about to invest in a tempering machine from Mold'Art theit 15kg baby tempering…

Hello everyone! I’m about to invest in a tempering machine from Mold’Art theit 15kg baby tempering machine. Has anyone tried this machine? One of the biggest decision making factor why I’ve chosen Mold’Art is that this is what my budget can afford – after considering where it’s made from, seems it is reputable brand in the choco making industry, it has a vibrating table and it’s capacity. I’ve checked brands that is closest to its capacity and this one is what fits my budget…it’s a wheel type. Can anyone advise me or throw in my way their wisdom about this? Thanks a lot!

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@luchie –

While it’s possible to automate tempering, the machines are not artificially intelligent. The can’t tell you what temperatures to use for any specific chocolate – they can only do what you tell them to do.

So – you’re going to have to know what temper looks and feels like. You are also going to want to stay away from a machine that requires seed tempering until you have properly tempered chocolate with which to seed!

FBM makes a batch tempering machine, the Quadro10, that is in your rough price range. One advantage the Quadro has over other batch tempering machines is that it actively heats and cools, so it’s more consistent and faster than machines which rely on ambient air temperature for cooling.


Note: FBM is a sponsor of TheChocolateLife and I may be compensated for some sales.

Oh….this is really good to know! Thank you, @DiscoverChoc ! To be honest, I’m struggling with the hand tempering, especially when I’m scaling a bit on the production…I’m making chocolates from the bean. I’m counting on getting a tempering machine that will automate the tempering for me. Do you have a recommended tempering machine that is pretty much close to the Mold’Art in terms of the price?

@luchie –

Mol d’Art is a well-known brand so you don’t have anything to worry about there. This is a smaller-capacity tabletop manual batch tempering machine, and the wheel style is something you’ll find in use around the world. From a price perspective, it’s pretty compelling as it appears to list for under $5000.

Do you have to keep in mind in mind that the machine is manual, so you have to keep on top of the tempering. You use seed method, which means you are adding already-tempered chocolate to the melted chocolate in the working basin. If will help a lot if you know how to hand-temper chocolate so you can assess the state of temper throughout the working day.

One tip to increasing production is to have already melted chocolate at about 115F on hand to start the tempering process.

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