Looking to source natural and deodorized cocoa butter in Canada or USA.

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to source natural and deodorized cocoa butter in Canada or USA.
Can you recommend a supplier ?

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How much do you need. @potomacchocolate has given some good sources but a lot depends on quantities as was pointed out. KahKow (Rizek, DR) is a source for natural cocoa butter in quantities of 500gr or 20kg+. Take a look at bakery ingredient suppliers for sources of deodorized cocoa butter.

A few options:

Chocolate Alchemy: https://shop.chocolatealchemy.com/collections/raw-ingredients (This is the retail shop. If you need larger quantities, click into the wholesale shop.)

Meridian Cacao (only natural–no deodorized): http://www.meridiancacao.com/butter-powder

CocoaSupply: http://www.cocoasupply.com/cacao-butter/

Ciranda (need to create a wholesale account with them to order): https://www.ciranda.com/ingredients/cocoas-chocolates/cocoa-butter/cocoa-butter

Also, if you just need smaller quantities, there are several sellers on Amazon, etc.

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