Hi All, I am trying to flavour dark and white chocolate with a raspberry flavour. What do I use as…

Hi All,
I am trying to flavour dark and white chocolate with a raspberry flavour. What do I use as I have tried a raspberry oil flavour, but I can’t taste anything. Also orange flavour does not come through. Your help would be appreciated. Regards John

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I’ve actually been having issues with Lorann raspberry oil. It seems no matter how much I use, it will seize my chocolate up pretty badly. Besides crushing freeze dried raspberries is there a better flavored oil option?

Thanks, I will give that a try

I do this very successfully. I use real freeze dried raspberries which I pulverise in a blender. Then I also add raspberry oil. I am in Australia and I asked the manufacturer of the oil as to how much to add. As @Cookieco says, we’d need to know weight and what oil you’re using. But the manufacturer could help you a lot. Or just keep adding until you get it right.

There will probably be a “tipping point” where it suddenly tastes bad – bitter. So just back up a bit when you hit that point.

I do orange too – with real freeze dried orange dust and again, orange oil. You ca see my products at

Although I do use real fruit, it makes it expensive and you could just use oil. I just like to state that I have real fruit but I do use the oil too to intensify the flavour and also as natural fruits tend to vary batch to batch.

@Cookieco – Just to be clear, you’re trying to make something like flavored chocolate bars?

Without knowing what/whose oil you’re using and how much you’re adding by weight it’s hard to know where to start giving advice.

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