Hi All, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me At my work I make many different…

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me

At my work I make many different chocolates with a non dairy ganaghe and praline fillings.

But I always seem to have the same problem that only occurs with the hazelnut

After 3 weeks of being made the outside of my chocolate turns white !!

My molds are polished and the chocolate is well tempered, when handling the chocolate I always wear gloves , I don’t know why this keeps happening.

I think it could be some reaction between the cocoa butter in the chocolate and the hazelnut oil in the filling, but I do not know how to stop it.

I use Cacao Barry 100% pure pate noisettes and mix a little bit of icing sugar and dark chocolate.
It is not only this specific hazelnut praline that does this. In the past I have used different brands and have had different recipes of hazelnut and they all have done the same thing.

Also please note, that the chocolates are delicious the filling is still fresh and taste amazing. The chocolate shell still has a snap, but over time it just turns white. It is not visually appealing I would like to solve this problem but need help to do so

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Kind Regards
Little Cocoa

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From where i can buy the ball or the pannig machine which is connected with kitchen Aid

Hi thanks for the reply I am like you so I only stop by every now and then

here are the ingredients

448 g Belcolade Dark Chocolate at 45 degrees sometime tempered at 31 degrees
1000 kg Cacao Barry 100% pure hazelnut paste room temp
448 g Redpath Icing sugar room temp

I mix it all together in a processor then pipe into the chocolate shells
this mix sets so I can back / close the chocolate with no problem

If you can post your exact recipe and, specifically, the fat content of the ingredients you’re using, your mixing methods (including temperatures if you record them), and your cooling methods (with times and temperature) – that would be helpful information to have. I don’t stop by here very often anymore, so my responses may take some time…

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