Hi All - Who has experience with the Chocovision Rev X3210? I'm having such a rough time with it.…

Hi All – Who has experience with the Chocovision Rev X3210? I’m having such a rough time with it. Bought it to temper the bit of chocolate that is left in our large machine after a run but… it does such a horrible job! Chocolate is totally out of temper- the backs of the bars are white/grey and streaky.

The chocolate also gets really, really thick, too- and I have brought the temperature up as well. We are just tempering dark chocolate right now- working temp was at 31.5 but I brought it up to 33. No dice.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

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I have a few of these that we use for small batches and hand enrobing. They have a few common issues when something goes wrong. First, check the actual temperature of the chocolate using a thermometer versus believing the 3210 display. There is a tiny pair of wires that connect the thermocouple (on the baffle) to the electronics board and the interface is often corroded after some use. Also, if you have several baffles, try switching and making sure that the copper connections (two of them) are clean on both the baffle and the base by using a simple eraser to clean them. Finally, these machines work better at higher volumes due to the way they heat and cool. The lower the volume, the worse it gets so don’t expect the last 500g to be tempered properly especially if you have room temperature or humidity issues. Ideally, you’d set them to 94F and temper with silk to get almost 100% perfect bars/tempering. I’ve stopped using the tempering cycles.

This is our own chocolate. We do add cocoa butter and we do not use seed- we just press 2 on the dial (we cannot use seed- these bars have inclusions and we are using this machine to just temper a very small amount- would negate this stage of production, unfortunately).
Days are extremely hectic but let me see here:

  1. Total Time: I am not sure- I would say less than an hour.
  2. How much chocolate at a time: Varies. 4 KG attempted, today, was maybe 2 KG.
  3. Melt Points: As far up as it would go- I believe to 43.7 C, down to 26.6C, and up to 31.5. Was a ball.

Was busy with another project but we waited a long time to let the machine warm up. The temperature readings seem accurate, but the chocolate is just balling up. While the chocolate is decreasing in temperature, the temperature on the display is up to 2C lower than the thermometer reading.

We just use this to finish up batches of chocolate that our main machine cannot process (there is always about 2 KG of waste at the end of chocolate bar making in this larger machine- so wanted to temper in the X3210 and deposit by hand to take care of the rest.

We make our own chocolate, yes!

They said that I will just need to send in the machine… I was thinking it may be over-tempered, too. I will need to check in with my co-worker to see how it turned out- and also check on the bars when I head in on Monday. I think that waiting for a bit after it has been tempered helps!

It would be really nice to post the solution as a comment to this post so future visitors to this post can find the answer.

Thanks in advance for doing this!

Hello gemmer:

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the results garnered from your X3210 unit. Please call or email us here at the factory so that we can troubleshoot and see what is at the root of this issue.

sales@chocovision.com // 800.324.6252

Where are you located? What kind of chocolate are you trying to temper, commercial couverture or chocolate you make yourself? If your own chocolate, are you adding cocoa butter? What are you using for seed?

How long is the total time from the start of the tempering cycle to finish and how much chocolate (kg) are you tempering at a time? What is the temperature of the room you’re in? What are the set melt points (115F/45C) and what temperature do you bring the chocolate down to before you warm it up?

Weirdly, it sounds like the chocolate might be over-tempered (thick) while at the same time the crystals are not well mixed. Once the machine says the chocolate is in temper it is necessary to wait for a bit so the crystals are mixed in.

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