Hi All, I want to make a coffee flavoured chocolate bar. Are there any recipes for that? Some…

Hi All,
I want to make a coffee flavoured chocolate bar. Are there any recipes for that?
Some suggest to grind coffee beans and dissolve it in vodka?
Are there any books available of different flavours chocolate bars?
Any help would be appreciated.
New Zeland

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If you are making chocolate from beans it’s possible (and easy) to grind the coffee beans into the chocolate and achieve an extremely smooth texture. I find that using a medium or lighter roast is better than using a French or Italian roast.

Another option is to make a coffee paste by grinding roasted coffee beans in a melangeur with some kind of fat. You can use melted cocoa butter, for example, to get the closest mouth feel to chocolate or some other fat, for example anhydrous milk fat (clarified butter or ghee) if you want a softer melt and richer mouthfeel. This paste is then mixed into the melted chocolate before tempering – and you can add it to dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Those are both DIY options. Adding commercial fat-based flavorings is always on the table, it all depends on what you want to do, what your brand is about, and where your price points are. Some flavors are “nature-identical” and others are only distant relations.

What is much harder – the point of being next to impossible – is using a water-based solvent like vodka.

If you want consistency I suggest that you use natural chocolate flavourings. In NZ you can source from Ungerer who are based in Australia but ship to Aotearoa. I have used their products with massive success. You might also put in some coffee as grinds or even whole beans but do be sure to cover them with chocolate to ensure that the coffee does not oxidise and thus go “stale”. Ungerer’s General Manager has NZ family and a house in Auckland so you’ll likely get a visit sometime. His name is Reiko Van Der Nest. Their website is

Good luck with that. 🙂

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