Panning machine advice needed

Hi! We just recently bought a panning machine that sprays the chocolate and cooling air directly.

My problem is that there are white spots/streaks that appears on the surface of the finished product. Before and after applying shellac

Can someone advice us on what to do? Temperatures, application of shellac etc.

We use couverture dark chocolate in panning almonds.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. Here are my answeres to your questions:

  1. Once we coat the chocolates, we blow cool air (24-25C) to cool the almonds. By plastic do you mean its ability to return to its original shape after applying pressure?

2.We tried leaving them overnight, still same results. We also tried doing the polishing on the same day, still same results.

Thank you for the reply. The machine has a blower where in the temperature can be adjusted. We are not tempering the chocolate since the sprayer’s tank has a initial temperature of 50C.

Here is a photo showing one of our finished products.

Hi @DGOng

The white streaks/ spots you mention would indicate an issue with the crystallization of the chocolate itself. Especially seeing as how you had indicators prior to polishing. With out knowing more about your SOP’s, it would be hard to give you an exact solution to your problem. That said a couple of immediate questions do come up that may shed light.

  1. What is the temp of of the almonds once you have finished the engrossing stage? How plastic is the chocolate?
  2. After build up, are you removing the nuts from the pan and storing them (at least overnight) in cool/ dry conditions to ensure the chocolate is properly crystalized prior to polishing?

Not entirely sure how this site works. But I see that you sent me a message that I have just replied to. Not sure if others can see the thread. Awaiting your reply to my message. 🙂


Do you have any photos to show the problem?
Does the panning machine have both hot and cold air?
Are you tempering the chocolate?


Damion, do you have any guidance you can offer?

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