Hi y'all! Was wanting to see if anyone's attempted running inclusions through a Selmi Color EX…

Hi y’all!

Was wanting to see if anyone’s attempted running inclusions through a Selmi Color EX tempering machine and if so any precautions/tips they could provide? I’ve just started working with a company that has access to an amazing array of local produce and was looking to incorporate in one way or another.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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Stuff looks great CaptainChocolate! Have had some good results so far with the panner, just looking for a consistent process we can follow (i.e. temp of choc at addition, temp of pieces, rpm of machine etc) as its not a chocolate-specific machine. Not to give too much away on your products but do you have some suggestions?

Sorry – just saw this. I include salt in caramel chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, orange, coconut and more. See www.captainchocolate.com.au As noted by yourself, moisture is a no-no (of course) so I use freeze dried fruit and use a blender to break it right down. Salt of course is already dry and you can use Calebaut Caramel chocolate or (as I do) add caramel flavoring. (Care – must be OK with chocolate). The coconut I simply toast in a stove. I make about 45Kg of product at a time and that takes about four hours to create plus polishing time. The center I use is simply 15mm diameter callets of chocolate which I deliberately “double” in the pan and then pan that with the inclusion chocolate.

the current process. Would be interested on your panning process and any insight you have there. Thanks for reaching out

Thought of panning? I use lots of inclusions when I pan. Pleased to share if you want.

I think moisture may be our greatest issue, at the moment we can solar dry most things but this is very dependent on the season. As we do use a depositing head I think it may be more trouble than its worth. Short of placing the pieces in by hand with the chocolate in molds have you any suggestions for the best way to incorporate inclusions? With such a bounty here I’d really love to incorporate in some way!

@MWatt –

Obviously, nothing way much in the way of moisture content can be used as an inclusion.

In general there will be a maximum size of roughly 3-4mm (about an eighth of an inch), and a max of about 10% inclusion by weight.

However, if you are using a depositing head the size and percentage goes way down.

You will have to decide how to clean the machine before and after you mix the inclusions in.

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