How can I make fudge from scratch in a Savage Caramel kettle or Calico

How can I make fudge from scratch in a Savage Caramel kettle or Calico Fudge kettle (I have both)? I can’t afford to buy the fudge mix due to Covid 19 and need help to just survive. Please help

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reply toOf course! Please let us know what you find out – or if you have more questions.

Thanks for the support mitchb. I’ll check it out

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the support.

Quick Google and YouTube searches will reveal dozens of basic recipes for many different kinds and flavors of fudge of all kinds.

You might want to look into fudge alternatives. One of my fave YouTube chefs is Chef John of Food Wishes. Look for his no-cook vegan miracle fudge He has a bunch of other fudge recipes and discusses pros/cons and tos/fros.

But there are lots and lots of recipes that are more traditional and require cooking. Your issue will be scaling the recipes up.

Yeah, Cook’s Illustrated is behind a paywall but you an sign up for a free trial and then cancel.

Are you looking for a fudge recipe? I like this Cook’s Illustrated one, but you may need a subscription. I’m sure there are plenty of other recipes?

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