how do companies mix milk powder in? I currently use a Santha melanger to mix the milk powder in,…

how do companies mix milk powder in? I currently use a Santha melanger to mix the milk powder in, but I am curious if there is a way around this? We are looking to buy a melter/ conditioner and wonder if it is possible to add milk powder direct to that? Does anyone have any experience with this?

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@bethingbird –

I can help you get pricing and place an order directly with FBM. If you are interested in buying through a US distributor that would be TCF Sales in Texas and I can make the direct introduction if you’d like me to. As a prospective customer I can offer a discount to the class in Las Vegas at the end of May.

If I were interested in buying FBM equipment who is the distributor in Canada/ the US? I am in BC, Canada and spoke with FBM directly but I would like to speak with a North American distributor for pricing. I remember there were connections on TCL before, is that still so? I would like to get pricing on the larger Rumbo


@bethingbird –

There are two Rumbos – one with a batch size of ~25kg and one with a batch size of ~60kg. At the Jean-Marie Auboine school in Las Vegas (we are giving another class in May) we use the 60kg machine to make milk chocolates.

Thanks Sebastian, I am coming to the conclusion that I will have to increase the size of my grinder. Any idea if there are larger melangers that hold more than 40kg (actual capacity not the bowl size)? I am not sure where to look. Rumbo is not big enough and I am not particularly happy with my Santha enough to buy another one.

I suspect you’ll be very disappointed if you add your milk powder directly to a melter. Average particle size of milk is way, way bigger than you’re going to want – meaning you’ll find it grainy if you try to use it w/o having some way of particle size reducing it.
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