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Look forward to hearing about it!

@vegforlife – none, yet. But I will be trying as many as I can in Paris at the Salon in October. I will report back then!

I wish I could try all of them! Which ones have you tried and liked, @DiscoverChoc?

@JuanBuchert – congratulations on being selected! Hopefully I will be seeing you in Paris at the Salon for the awards presentation.

On behalf of Nahua and our network of farming families in Upala Costa Rica, we thank our clients for their confidence in us and our work.

We look forward to continuing to provide chocolatiers with the finest quality cacao and shall be sure to keep you posted as the ICA awards unfold.

Nahua Cacao is one of the final 50 cacao varieties from across the globe that has been selected for its unique fine flavor cacao.
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