FBM Unica Tempering Settings Advice

I am attempting to find the ideal settings on my FBM Unica. This is my first experience with a continuous tempering machine and it has not been a great ride thus far. I have worked through the manual and suggested temps and tried to get information from Callebaut with no success. I am attempting to temper a 55% Semisweet Couverture (Van Leer Tulsa). Does anyone have recommendations on Melting Temperature, Working Temp & Auger Speed?

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Things are looking up. 48/30.5 at 85%, cooled in the refrigerator for 25 minutes and left in the mold overnight…

Thanks… I am attempting to load a picture, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I was able to speak with someone at Callebaut yesterday. He suggested 45-50/30 and 70-80% on the auger. He also suggested a longer time to set up in the fridge (20 minutes). I usually work at about 43 melting and 32 working with the seed method and am.used to bars setting up in about 10 minutes. I had some progress yesterday but still needed approx. 30 minutes in the fridge and had release marks.

@HChoc -Can you get recommended temperatures from van Leer? They often provide them on their technical data sheet. These might not be perfect for the Unica but they will provide a good starting point.

From a known starting point (50C and 31C above) it’s important to give the chocolate time to come into temper in the first place. You then test the temper to determine if the chocolate is too warm (in which case you’d lower the working bowl temperature) or too cold (in which case you’d raise the temperature of the cooling system. After each change (no more than 0.5C) you need to wait a few minutes for the system to reach equilibrium.

Start off with the speed of the auger at 90%. You can slow it down or speed it up if necessary. If you start at 100% you can’t speed it up.

Also, it’s easier to determine temper points using two of the three zones. When that’s done you can turn on zone 3 (if needed) and that temperature should be about 1C higher than zone 2 as a starting point.

Just need a little experience !

We will be at your disposal! You’ll find the solution, don’t worry

Thank you for your quick response. I have tried a wide range of temperature…but I have not gone that high for the melting temp. I submitted an inquiry with Carlo at your company as well. I will continue to follow up with him. I sincerely thank you for your time.

Auger speed is more connected with tempering time more than final result. Right temperatures adjustment affect the good final result. Please send email to the company with further details about your setings/test and timing

If you need a starting point I can suggest 50 as 1st stage and 31 as second stage, but further details would help to understand better

If you want you can write directly to our company and we’ll help you in finding the right temepratures for your chocolate

Hchoc, would you please advise about your tests so far? Which temepratures?
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