Is the Weirdest Chocolate/Sportswear Tie-In of All Time ... Tony’s + Adidas?

Is the Weirdest Chocolate/Sportswear Tie-In of All Time ... Tony’s + Adidas?

As a general rule, I do not wear or carry overtly-branded clothing or other forms of merchandise. If brands want to pay me to promote them I *might* be down for it. But not for this. I am not down for paying for the “privilege” of shilling this stuff.

I ran across Tony’s/Adidas co-branded tracksuits before heading to Ecuador in October, but put off doing anything with the find. I remember the prices being not cheap (the track pants in size 3XS are being offered for $80 on one site), with no mention that any proceeds were earmarked to help cocoa farmers.

So I am guessing this was all (only?) about making it possible for Tony’s “special friends” to fly them some of those funkybright house colors Tony’s flies.

When I went back to the Adidas web store to follow up, the tracksuits were no longer available. And, in fact, only a few of the items shown below (the white trainers in the gallery below, for one) were still available – and most appear to be out of stock on third-party sites, so I am thinking the promotional tie-in is over.

Whew (wiping brow).

But still ... what was Adidas thinking?

Child labour scandal hits Adidas
They are the ultimate status symbols for sports stars and street-conscious young people. With their trademark three stripes, Adidas clothes cost a small fortune to buy and are promoted by world-famous names such as England skipper David Beckham, Olympic heptathlete Denise Lewis and Russian tennis pl…

I am thinking that it maybe had something to do with greenwashing by association? Maybe? Now, I don’t know anything from inside sources; just from what I read that is publicly available on the interwebs, so that’s an expression of my opinion.

But still ...

What say you?

The images in the gallery below are being used in support of commentary on the decisions to manufacture and sell them.

However, I did not take any of these images. I found them in online catalogs. I do not know who actually owns the underlying copyrights. However, I believe their use qualifies as a fair use under US copyright doctrine. I suppose I could also call their use in this post a parody on my part, but, I think, they are self-parodic in their own right.

If a legitimate rightsholder wants to contest my use of the images, here’s how to send a DMCA takedown notice.
Do you find any of these items to be stylish or appealing? Would you buy/wear/gift any of them?

Let us know in the comments.
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