Updated: Join me at Confectionery LIVE!

Updated: Join me at Confectionery LIVE!

February 24th-25th online.

UPDATE: Now that Confectionery LIVE is over, session videos will become available on the International Confectionery Magazine website. When I know exactly where they are posted I will let you know.

Many ChocolateLife members may know that I have been the Technical Editor for International Confectionery Magazine since the June/July 2021 issue. Over the course of the past nearly two years I have researched and written articles on topics stretching from the farm to the factory to the artisan workshop to professional and consumer education. I have two articles in the January issue:

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International Confectionery is home to the market-leading print and digital publication for the leading independent confectionery title
International Confectionery Magazine Article Archive – January update
In addition to my writing duties for TheChocolateLife, I am a regular contributor to International Confectionery Magazine as their Technical Editor.
This page contains links to previews of the articles I have written. You can sign up to receive the IC newsletter as well as download specific articles of interest.

So it’s been my pleasure to work with the staff at International Confectionery on this upcoming event – a chance for people in the chocolate industry – to gather online, learn, and connect. There are nearly two-dozen panels and presentations covering a wide range of topics over the two days.

If you register, make sure to take the next step and connect with me to let me know you have actually joined me at ConfectioneryLIVE.
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This is the home page for Confectionery LIVE! The Registration link is below!

I am giving one presentation – how to discuss heavy metals responsibly. If you’ve been following TheChocolateLife and watching episodes of TheChocolateLifeLIVE you know I have some ... contrarian? ... takes on the topic compared with mainstream media coverage.

I am also moderating one panel session – on sustainability reporting. This was a fun panel to organize because the panelists represent different sectors in the cocoa > chocolate supply chain; a cacao farmer in Ecuador, a cocoa processor and chocolate maker in Colombia, and a chocolatier in the UK. So while regulatory issues are a part of the discussion they are not the focus of discussion.

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