Looking for advice on the best heat gun and infrared thermometer

Looking for advice on the best heat gun and infrared thermometer

Looking for advice on the best heat gun and infrared thermometer for chocolate? Brands, personal experience, accuracy, what to look for, etc. Thanks!

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When it comes to measuring the temperature of food there’s only one brand I look to and that is Thermoworks. The only place to buy them is on through their website and while there are over 30 different infrared devices, the one you’re looking for is

It has the range you’re looking for and works when bench tempering and measuring surface temps of just about anything and everything you’re likely to need to measure in the kitchen. Take a look at their Thermopen line if you want an instant-read probe thermometer.

When looking for a heat gun look for something that has adjustable temperature settings – and more than just two. Hugely hot (1500W where the minimum temp is over 700F) guns are going to be a challenge to work with. I would look for something like these (both are Amazon affiliate links) —

https://amzn.to/3lYJyPe (9 preset temperature ranges & 3 fan speeds) or
https://amzn.to/3kZ2USZ (adjustable rheostat)


I don’t have any experience with either brand or unit, just that these have adjustable temperatures from as low as 60ºC all the way to over 500ºC if needed. By dialing in a temperature you’re less likely to scorch/burn/melt something. From experience, having only two temperatures (too hot and much too hot) each with one fan speed can lead to disaster unless you’re constantly paying very close attention. A lower temperature may mean something takes a little longer but it also means that short periods of distracted attention are less likely to lead to mistakes.

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