Milk Chocolate Problem! hello team, as you can see in the picture below that the bars does not look…

Milk Chocolate Problem!
hello team, as you can see in the picture below that the bars does not look delicious after one week storing on the kitchen table wrapped in a aluminium foil.
my recipe was:
1.5kg cacano nibs,750g sugar and 400g milk powder.
grinding and conching time 26 hours in stone wet grinder from premier.

i would be happy if you can advise me about the rootcause of having this white dot in the chocolate.

was it wrong tempered? wrong stored? should i store it in the fridge? is it a recipe matter? after unmolding the chocolate it was shiny but i have to say the snap was not as it should be.

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Hello Discoverchoc,
i am trying to upload the picture but somehow it does not work. maybe you can advise.

from the batch i did, i stored some in the fridge which still look appetizing and some on the kitchen table fro one week. of course the temperature in the kitchen was not constant because i used to cook everyday.

i have tempered the chocolate by seeding method. 2/3 melted chocolate brought them to 45-50°c and then added 1/3 of cruched chocolate blocks.
i have to say that i could not measure the molding temperature.

what do you think about the mixture above? my plan is to have always more than 50% cacao nibs in the recipe in order to keep it high quality. would that work also for milk chocolate?

yesterday i conched again from the same recipes 2kg of chocolate but i added 200 g cacao butter in order to decrease the viscosity of the chocolate. i have to say that i tried to temper in different ways the chocolate. some of the molded chocolate seems ok and shiny and some oof them still have the white spots.

can you tell me how would you temper this recipe? in degrees.

my target is to experiment with the recipes and define some for my bean to bar craft chocolate business i am going to open soon,

is it possible not to add emulgator in the bean to bar world? i heard that some artisan chocolate do not even add cacao butter to their recipes which make me confused. the viscosity of my recipes having only sugar added to caca nibs was too high that it was hard to get the bubble out of it while molding.

it would be nice if you can advise me .

@ECHA – there was no photo attached. What you’re most likely encountering is a problem with tempering and/or storage but the photo is needed to know where to look further.

Can you tell me how you tempered the chocolate? What is the temperature of the room the chocolate was stored in?

Milk chocolate is never going to have the same snap as a dark chocolate because of the milk fat in the recipe.

PS. The cocoa content of this recipe is 57%.

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