Need help to find high-quality beans from Ghana,Ivory coast, Ecuador !

I’m building up a bean-to-bar factory in Shanghai,China. Due to the customs limit, we are only allowed to import beans from Nigeria,Ghana,Coate d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Papua NewGuinea,Belgium, Togolaise, Cameroun, Sierra Leone,Tanzania, Uganda,Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia. It would be great help if anyone can help me find high-quality bean supplier/ dealer who can export beans from those country to China. I currently only find one Ecuador bean supplier, but the beans will come at later June. I need some beans to start experiment ASAP. Thanks.

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@Wendy0419 –

Do you know Daarnhouwer in Amsterdam? They work with both specialty and more bulk varieties at many different price levels. I can introduce you if you like.

Hi DiscoverChoc, the factory located at a food industry park in Shanghai, far from the Bund. I’m working for a chain pastry company, so we are going to targeting single origin baking chocolate as well as single origin bar chocolate that will sale online and storefront. So we will have different quality and price range for those two different products.

@Wendy0419 –

This is an interesting list of origins! I work with a broker that I know has many of the origins you are looking for – Daarnhouwer located in The Netherlands. I have let them know about your interest and so they can contact you for more details.

They will want to know the price range you are looking to pay as well as the quantities you are looking for.

I was in Shanghai last September, staying in the Bund. Where is your factory going to be located?

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