$etting up a Craft Chocolate Workshop – What it Really Co$t$

$etting up a Craft Chocolate Workshop – What it Really Co$t$

Another way to ask this question is, “What is the minimum level of investment needed in order to have a real (sustainable) business?”

One of the situations I have noticed over the past nearly two decades working with specialty (aka craft/artisan) chocolate makers is that many – if not most – are chronically undercapitalized.

While I acknowledge the work John Nanci (Chocolate Alchemy) has done in identifying and pioneering low-cost production pathways that significantly lowered the financial investment required to start up a “craft chocolate” business, that work has, at the same time, helped buttress the impression that it’s possible to create a sustainable specialty/craft/artisan chocolate business with for little to no money.

You could, I suppose. By why would you want to? This post explores some of the myths and realities of that impression.

So, how much money is needed to set up a sustainable business making – and selling – chocolate from beans?

Step 1 – Define What Success Means for You

One of the most important lessons I learned working for over two decades in the high-tech industry is that business plans are self-fulfilling prophecies.

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