Lost: Pumpkin Truffle recipe.

Pumpkin Truffle recipe.

I’m in a bit of a quandry.. I have lost my pumpkin truffle recipe. (Yes, its time to put them on this computer!) I can certainly wing it, but if any help is out there, I would be so grateful. Mine had a large percentage of white chocolate, spices, pumpkin, some invert sugar and cream. Does anyone have a recipe formula they’re are willing to share?

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Comment by: SweetDriver1

Thank you! I have the book. I am going to wing it. AND.. make these. They seem pretty delicious.

Hi SweetDriver1- Here’s a recipe from Grewling’s book. It’s a milk chocolate based for molded bonbon. I’ve never made it myself, but his work is technically sound.

I actually think a former employee stole the recipe.. Ahh, gotta love running a biz. Its so glamorous.

@dbdchocolate – Damion, do you have something you care to share on this?


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