The Bindle Bottle

The Bindle Bottle

Like Alton Brown, I am not a fan of single-taskers in my kitchen. So when the PR company for Bindle Bottle (which was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter) contacted me I was intrigued – an insulated bottle with a removable bottom that reveals a compartment into which all kinds of non-liquid non-hot non-cold stuff could be put.

Of course, the review notes focused on practical uses of the compartment – as a water- and sand-proof place to store car keys and cash when you’re at the beach. Or a place to store bits of plants and rocks collected at the beach or while hiking/camping. What I wanted to know is if the compartment could be used to stash chocolate. Or baked goods with chocolate.

First Impression: Bindle Bottles are ginormous compared to similar products. There is not a cupholder in existence into which a Bindle Bottle will fit. This is not all bad, though, because the base of the Bindle Bottle is wide and flat and will resist tipping over easily when you are out and about, say, on a blanket at the beach or on a picnic on grass. Or tailgating.

Second Impression: Colors! I chose Glacier and I like it. It’s distinctive and it stands out and it will pos-def not be mistaken for anything else or anyone else’s.

Third Impression: Lids! One thing to really like about the Bindle Bottle is the lid options. There is one for coffee (hot items), one with a straw (cold items), and one with a plain loop for general carrying around when your hauling things that need to be consumed with a spoon. The bottle comes with one of your choice and you can order one or the other two.

Fourth Impression: The basics are covered. Hot things stay hot. Cold things stay cold when it’s hot out. For hours.

Fifth Impression: The storage compartment is yuuuuge – much larger than I imagined it to be from the photos. This means there is more than enough room for a large double chocolate chip muffin. Or some decent-sized brownies. Or even a modestly-frosted cupcake. The liquid vessel is insulated so if you’re carrying around a hot beverage it should not affect (melt) anything inside the compartment. However, the compartment itself is not insulated so carrying around something that is easily melted is probably not the best idea. Except! Put some chocolate chips or shaved chocolate or chocolate chunks into the base and a hot coffee or a latte in the bottle. When you arrive at your destination, pour the latte into the base and melt the contents by stirring. (You could transport a small spoon in the compartment.) Enjoy! No separate cup needed.

Summary: The size of the Bindle Bottle is a mixed blessing; it won’t fit in a car cupholder but at the same time it’s much harder to tip over than every other insulated bottle that was not a Thermos I have ever owned. There are lots of uses for the compartment in the bottom (including and especially carrying around large chocolate chip muffins). If you go to the beach or picnic or go car camping or tailgating a lot, having a place to store keys and some cash in a non-obvious place when you are not in your car and that will keep it all safe from the elements is bonus. Beach sand or ants are not tasty toppings for muffins.

Plus – it will keep your favorite home-brewed hibiscus iced tea nice and cold along the way.

My review is based on a review sample provided to me which I did not pay for. I did not receive cash or any other incentive that might have influenced my impressions.

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