Spectra 20 no longer turning on

Spectra 20 no longer turning on

I purchased a Spectra 20 melanger about six months ago, and have made a number of batches with it after getting is set up in my space.  But recently it has stopped working.  The transformer starts up as normal, but the speed controller does not turn on, the light does not come on, the melanger does not start when I move the speed dial. I get nothing.

I unplugged everything and left it for a couple days, then plugged everything back in and attempted to start it up again.  Nothing happened.  

I was wondering if anyone here has seen something similar, or if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions.

I included an image of the inside of the speed controller, it doesn’t appear that anything is disconnected or damaged.


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@DiscoverChoc – We are working on troubleshooting the issue now. I will make sure to post details when we are able to get this fixed. Thanks!

@Mpcondo – Were you able to figure out the problem and the solution? It would be great to post the answer so that if others have this issue they know what to do.

@DiscoverChoc Thanks! I appreciate your help!

@spectra Thanks for responding, I will get that information together in an email.

Dear Sir, Do drop in an email to info@SpectraPlaza.com , and we can assist with troubleshooting the same. This is very unusual, but in all likelihood it may be an issue with the switch or the breaker. You also mention a transformer and please do include the arrangement you have and the transformer details. And, if it is something more significant, it is covered by warranty and we will assist with a replacement as well. Team Spectra.

@Mpcondo – I forwarded the link to this to SpectraPlaza (Santha) to see if we can get an answer ASAP.
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