TCL Collab :: Cocoa Supply

TCL Collab :: Cocoa Supply

Cocoa Supply takes pride in helping small cacao farming communities thrive. We hope you support the work they do to make this world a more equal, healthy, and eco-friendly place.

I am happy to announce that Cocoa Supply has joined TheChocolateLife as a Collaborator/Partner.

A Very Brief Company History

The foundations of Cocoa Supply are rooted deeply in Ecuadorian cacao – in the town of Catarama, due east of Vinces in the province of Los Rios – dating all the way back to the era of the Pepe de Oro and Gran Cacao over 100 years ago.

In the 1970s, the predecessor to Cocoa Supply – CAFIESA, or Cacaos Finos Ecuatorianos SA – was founded. CAFIESA quickly established a reputation as a processor of high-quality semi-finished products (nibs, liquor, butter, and powder) as well as finished chocolate for some of the world’s most recognizable chocolate brands.

Under a new generation of leadership, production capabilities have been right-sized to meet the new demands of changing markets. Building on over 50 years of manufacturing experience, changes include a move towards 100% solar energy use, significantly reduced MOQs (minimum order quantities) for custom products including finished chocolates, a concentration on semi-finished products, offering logistical services, as well as helping chocolate makers interested in direct trade sourcing relationships connect with farmers who can meet their needs.

Products are warehoused in the US (New York City) and in Europe (in Rotterdam) for quick delivery.


I personally visited the Cocoa Supply factory in Duran, a suburb of Guayaquil in October 2o22. I saw the entire operation from bean cleaning through packaging and warehousing and also had the opportunity to visit one of the small farms they are working with in the dry forest in the province of Guayas. I have also visited their offices, warehouse, and shipping facilities in NYC on several occasions.

I can unreservedly recommend CocoaSupply’s products and have been impressed with every one of the people I met during my visit and after.

If you need pulp (puree or freeze-dried), beans, nibs, liquor, butter (natural and vacuum-deodorized), powder (natural and alkalized), vanilla, or freeze-dried fruit powders, consider making CocoaSupply one of the first places you contact for both stock products and custom runs.

Click one of the cards below to visit the US/EU website to see the current catalog of available products.

Cocoa Supply (US)

Cocoa Supply - Wholesale Sustainable Cacao Products and Specialty Ingredients
Quality and Sustainable Cacao and Specialty Ingredients for bakeries, restaurants, manufacturers, and chocolatiers.

CocoaSupply (EU)

CocoaSupply B.V.
We import and distribute sustainable quality cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, chocolate couvertures, and more fine cocoa.

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