TCL LIVE | Is #Woke-Washing the New #Greenwashing?

TCL LIVE | Is #Woke-Washing the New #Greenwashing?

Episode 130 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE is LIVE from 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT on Friday, August 25th.

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Episode Overview

Regular readers of TheChocolateLife and watchers of TheChocolateLifeLIVE know that I am not a fan of the so-called “transparency,” “fair,” and “scorecard” reports published by the likes of Tony’s Chocolonely, Be Slavery Free, and others.

A recent article in Confectionery News highlights both the company’s careful and deliberate use of language and how, IMO, the press either fails to fully comprehend the import of the releases they receive or are deliberately complicit in their failure to question the content of those releases.

I pointed all this out on LinkedIn when the story (below) first appeared in my news feeds.

Tony’s Chocolonely launches ‘Littl’ Bits’ to make a bigger impact on sustainable cocoa
The Dutch impact company with a mission to make chocolate 100% ‘slave free’ has launched a munchable snack range that it claims ends exploitation in chocolate by ensuring cocoa farmers are paid fairly.
Believe it or not, the original release from Tony’s is not cited in this article.
Clay Gordon on LinkedIn: #wokewashing #greenwashing
In a recent ConfectioneryNews (CN) article, writer Tony Myers reposted a press release from Tony's Chocolonely (TC) where the headline reads: “Tony’s…
My response to the above article.

Among other topics to be discussed is the idea that is being propagated by what I consider to be woke-washing companies that [all of] the problems exist in producing countries.

What do you think?

  • Is woke-washing the new greenwashing?
  • Are the challenges cocoa and chocolate face solely in producing countries?
  • Could Tony’s Chocolonely have been founded anywhere other than The Netherlands?

A Solution?

International Cocoa Diplomacy – ICD

Other Examples

Reframed: The Narrative of the Cocoa Industry, Presented by Joshua Kissi and Tony’s Chocolonely
/PRNewswire/ -- Change is needed in the cocoa industry. Modern slavery and illegal child labor are manifestations of the industry’s profit maximizing business…
CISION is a product of PR Newswire. This release is, IMO, an egregious example of corporate wokewashing. The release that prompted this live stream is not in CISION’s publicly accessible archive.
The Giant Company, Kellogg Combat Food Insecurity
The Giant Company and Kellogg Company are partnering to support Pennsylvania families in need, donating $20,000 and a trailer of nutritious food to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank ahead of the back-to-school season.Representatives from b


How Capitalism Drives Cancel Culture
Beware splashy corporate gestures when they leave existing power structures intact.
Woke: Deep or Dumb?
Purchase shares in great masterpieces from artists like Pablo Picasso, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more: Are We Mi…
Does Cancel Culture Work?
Cancel Culture: Is there another way?Check out our Wisecasts Channel! ► check out The Squanch! ► of…
woke - Wiktionary, the free dictionary
Tony’s Open Chain
The open source platform where chocolate making companies join in to change the norm in the industry.


As always, I will be taking questions and comments during the live stream.

If you want to share your thoughts with me here on TheChocolateLife before the live stream begins, add them in the comments below.

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